Biola University

La Mirada, CA

Biola University, founded in 1908, is a private church-affiliated university. Its 95-acre campus is located in La Mirada, California.

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Biola University

La Mirada, CA

Biola University is the home of knowingly imperfect people, world changers, purposeful learners, and compassionate leaders who want to see their communities radically changed by the grace of God. 


Opportunities Abound

Time for some real-world experience. We know that some of your best learning happens outside the classroom. Our location—just miles down the road from Los Angeles, a global city of industry—affords endless opportunities for you to network and gain practical skills in your field through relevant internships and employment.

Sport your spirit.
We’ve got big news—Biola is now NCAA Division II. That means we’re renewing rivalries with old competitors and taking our Eagle pride to the next level. Join an intramural team to show off your athletic ability or support one of our 14 Biola teams as they take to the field, pool, track, and court.

Adventure is out there.
Imagine living in the heart of Southern California: World-famous beaches and snow-dusted mountains with breathtaking views. The vibrant hum, bustling rhythm, and unique culture of local cities. Coffee shops on every other corner that come in cozy, trendy, or quirky—take your pick. And to top it off, the Happiest Place on Earth is just a 20-minute drive away.

Traditions with a twist.
Start the year off with Nationball, a high-energy dodgeball competition between dorms. Celebrate the season with Punk n’ Pie, a festive school-wide talent show, or our annual Christmas Tree Lighting, complete with caroling, community, and “snow.” Finish off the year with Mock-Rock, an all-out costumed and choreographed lip-sync showdown.

There’s a club for that.
Got a passion for ballet, accounting, rugby, politics, the spoken word, scuba diving, social justice, or something else entirely? We’ve got you covered. With over 77 clubs, ministries, and affinity groups on campus, you’ll be able to connect with some of the world’s best students while doing what you love. What more could you ask for?

At A Glance

Course requirements
We know you’re not looking for extra hoops to jump through. Let’s keep the process simple—you don’t need to take any specific courses before you transfer.

SAT/ACT requirements
Even if standardized tests aren’t your strength, your hard work is worth honoring. If you’ve taken more than 15 transferable semester credits post–high school, don’t worry about sending us your SAT or ACT scores. If you haven’t, you can still apply as a transfer, but we’ll need your high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores.

Credits accepted
Your college experience speaks for itself. That’s why we’ll accept 70 community college credits and an unlimited number of credits from four-year institutions. We also accept the completed IGETC, CSU Breadth, and select ADT pathways.

Straightforward reapplication
Life happens. If your plan doesn’t quite go, well, according to plan, we’ll keep your records on file for up to two years, so all you’ll have to do is submit an updated college transcript to reapply.

Our team is committed to partnering with you every step of the way. We’ll come alongside you and help evaluate your coursework to determine how your credits will transfer, estimate the number of semesters you’ll spend at Biola, and walk you through financial aid.

Contact the Transfer Admissions team at:

Biola University is home to purposeful learners and compassionate leaders who want to see their communities and industries shaped by the grace andtruth of Christ. Together, we pursue spiritual depth, professional excellence, and personal transformation—stepping boldly toward who we were created to become.

Faith that engages the world
True faith involves asking the hardquestions, and we’ll be the first toadmit that we don’t have all theanswers. However, we are convincedthat biblical truth should and doesinform every aspect of the way welearn from, interact with, and respond to the world around us. That’s why we offer numerous Bible courses and weave biblical integration into every discipline. And because our community is composed entirely of professing Christians, Christ is at our center individually and institutionally.

Top-tier education
Our faith is far from anti-intellect. On the contrary, we take the commandment to love God with all our minds seriously. Curiosity and critical thinking shape learning in each ofour 40+ majors and 150+ academicprograms, unique study abroad opportunities, and the respected TorreyHonors Institute. Mentorship matters, so we keep our classes small with a student-faculty ratio of 15:1. The quality of our education has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, Forbes, and more.

Community of belonging
If you ask alumni or current stu
dents about what sets Biola apart, a theme will quickly emerge. They’ll want to tell you about our community. They’ll describe an eagernessthat welcomes new relationships and adventures, true belonging matchedby a call to become more like Christ,freedom to grow, and an energy that’scontagious. On our campus, you will encounter love in its least cliché form—a love that is active, authentic, and redemptive.

It’s also a love that demands humility and a willingness to learn from one another. The strength ofour community can be measured bythe ways in which we engage, wrestle with, and celebrate our differences. From multiethnic programs and conferences to events and affinity groups, we are committed towelcoming the perspectives of students from all backgrounds as we move toward a unity in diversity reflective of the Kingdom.

Leaning into the process
We’ll be honest—while the nearlyendless chances to learn outside the classroom are exciting; while thepersonal relationships you’ll form with students and faculty alike arelife-changing; while the professional preparation you’ll receive here is truly exceptional, we believe the value of a Biola education lies in the opportunity to become a better you.If you are willing to trust God’s handin the process of ever-progressing and never quite arriving, you willleave this place changed in the bestpossible way.

The Value You Bring to the Table
“Our transfer students meaningfully enrich Biola’s community. Their previous college or university experiences offer new perspectives, and their fresh excitement at Biola’s Christ-centered approach and appreciation for integrating their faith and learning is contagious. Though they come from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, they hold a common motivation to succeed. Their resilience, maturity, and self-determination inspire
us to greater excellence.”

— Carrie Stockton
Dean of Student Success