An incredible campus experience on the world’s largest lake, Finlandia University is located in the rugged beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 


As a transfer student, you’ll pay only $6,297 per semester because of our new in-state transfer pricing. See our complete list of majors below. 

International School of Art & Design
• Ceramic Design
• Fiber & Fashion Design
• Graphic Design
• Integrated Design
• Intermedia

International School of Business
• Accounting
• Healthcare Management
• International Business
• Management & Entrepreneurship
• Marketing
• Marketing & Graphic Design
• Sports Management

Suomi College of Arts & Sciences
• Art Therapy
• Arts Management
• Biology
• Criminal Justice
• English
• History
• Liberal Studies
• Philosophy
• Psychology
• Sociology

College of Health Sciences
• Nursing
• Physical Therapist Assistant
• RN to BSN Online

With its small campus, intimate classroom experiences (11:1 student-faculty ratio), and unique program offerings, it’s a hidden gem among private liberal arts institutions.

Located on the shore of Lake Superior, Finlandia offers innovative degree options, an active campus ministry scene, NCAA Division III athletics, and outdoor activities you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Finlandia is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Whether it’s mountain biking, curling, ice hockey, or hiking, you’ll experience one of the best places in the world to get outside and enjoy all four seasons.

Uncommon attention
At FinnU, we pride ourselves in providing an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our average class size during the 2016–2017 academic year was 11 students, which allows for a more personalized educational experience, ensures no one gets left behind, and aids in the personal growth we see year after year in our students. We pride ourselves in providing a whole-person educational experience. It’s not just in our classrooms either. You’ll get to know the staff, enjoy pizza with the president, and because of our focus on service, get to know the Copper Country community. Bottom line: at FinnU, you’ll be more than a number; you’ll be a valuable member of our tight-knit campus community.

Great academic programs and opportunities
Finlandia has 25 degree options within our four schools that will fit your interests, skills, and personality. Whether you’re interested in business, health sciences, art and design, or arts and sciences, FinnU has a degree that can set you up with a stellar career after graduation.

In-state tuition pricing for all transfer students
Transfer students come to our school with certain benefits: they’re usually extremely academically prepared, motivated to make things happen, and graduate at higher rates. Because of that, we work hard to remove as many barriers as we possibly can, and one of those is a tuition rate that is completely unheard of for a private institution.

At Finlandia University, a transfer student pays only $6,297 per semester. That’s the median rate for all Michigan public schools’ in-state tuition price, which means you get a private education at a public school price. This policy was new for the spring 2018 semester, and all transfer students are eligible to receive it, regardless of what state they transfer from.

We make transferring and applying easy
Our goal is to make FinnU the friendliest school for transfer students. Our
application is free, online, and simple. Plus, we accept applications on a rolling basis, meaning there is no admission deadline. Our gracious policy of accepting credits means the work you’ve done will be counted. In today’s world, we know students and families expect things to happen quickly, and we’ve modernized our process to do exactly that.

Priority registration puts you on equal footing
Priority registration for transfers means you can become an enrolled student prior to new freshmen and therefore have greater flexibility in scheduling classes. This will make your life easier, allow you to plan more in advance, and ensure you’re given every opportunity to succeed. Learn more at