Be transformed at the University of Mount Union
Exceptional is the standard at Mount Union. This private university, grounded in the liberal arts tradition and emboldened by market-smart, career-savvy options, delivers a classic college experience—plus so much more.



Applying is easy, transferring is easier
The Mount Union curriculum is transfer friendly and helps you get the most out of your previously earned credits. For courses to transfer, they must have been earned at a regionally accredited institution, reflect a grade of “C” or higher, and be in an equivalent program offered by Mount.
Visit campus for yourself. Go to to see our schedule of Transfer Visit Days.

You can find out more about transferring your credits to Mount Union by submitting your unofficial college transcripts to and getting a credit evaluation.

Learn if your institution and academic program partners with Mount Union through an articulation agreement. Go to

A Mount Union education delivers a high-quality academic 
curriculum featuring an array of majors. Supported by a world-class faculty, you’ll forge an intellectual foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Whatever your abilities and previous experience, a Mount Union education will enhance your leadership skills through classroom learning, hands-on experiences, and engagement on campus. Live what you learn and build valuable career skills that will prepare you for today’s realities and tomorrow’s challenges. 

Be in demand
Put learning into action. At Mount Union, you’ll have research, internship, and travel experiences that prepare you for a global economy and make employers take notice.

Faculty members at Mount Union are hired for their expertise and commitment to students. They’re teachers and mentors inside and outside the classroom. As established professionals in their fields, their connections give you a ready-made network for internships, research opportunities, graduate study, and employment after Mount Union.

You’ll experience interdisciplinary learning that prepares you with the critical-thinking skills to be successful in a global workforce, and experiential learning opportunities integrated throughout your courses give you a broad and relevant education.

Be involved
Annual festivities, weekly entertainment, and fun and affordable off-campus activities will ensure your calendar is never bare. And our Transfer Student Organization is here to assist with your transition to campus, offering opportunities for involvement and resources for academic success.
No matter your background, culture, or traditions, our Office of Diversity and Inclusion works to ensure all students’ needs are met. Whether it’s a Multicultural Retreat, a role in Gender Equity Matters, or working with our Spiritual Life Leadership group, you’ll have the resources to find your place while you learn about others.

Be confident
Our more than 18,000 alumni worldwide stand as proof that a Mount Union education is a worthwhile investment. In fact, among members of the 2017 graduating class, 93%* of those self-reporting had started a professional position, were accepted to graduate school, or were pursuing continuing education, all in an average of just over two and a half months after graduation. It doesn’t get much more convincing than that.

Be invested
Don’t let concerns about the cost of college keep you from exploring this exceptional investment in your future. Our tuition is over 11% below the average cost of similar private institutions in Ohio, and we were recently cited by Educate to Career for improving the earning and attainment of quality employment for our students. Transfer students are eligible for scholarships and grants ranging from $9,000–$14,000 per year. In addition, 99% of undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid.