The world needs more wonder. More curiosity. 

Whatever happened to restless curiosity?
More people willing to stand on the perimeter and embrace the unknown. At the University of Wyoming, our students come from all 50 states and over 90 countries. They’re doers, thinkers, and not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

The world needs more cowboys
The University of Wyoming has put out a call to those relentlessly curious enough to imagine a better world—propelling them to a position to make it. Will you answer the call?

Quality, affordable higher education in the Rocky Mountains

For high school and community college graduates looking for a top-quality higher education, UW offers affordability—and much more. Combining the quality of a major national university with the personal contact of a smaller college, UW is increasingly being recognized as a higher education gem in the Rocky Mountains. UW offers a wide array of academic programs, a vibrant student life, and undergraduate opportunities you won’t find at most larger institutions.

A person with a four-year college
degree will earn an average of $1,460 more per month than a person with a high school diploma, according to research published last year. For graduates of the University of Wyoming, that benefit is amplified when compared with other universities. That’s because UW’s in-state tuition is the lowest among all US universities, and its non-resident tuition is among the lowest. That means more than half of UW graduates enter the workforce with no student debt. Additionally, the average starting salary for UW graduates is $46,100—significantly higher than the national average of $33,400.

Satisfied students
Current UW students attest to UW as an appealing destination for college students and their families. Results from the latest UW student satisfaction survey show that 93% of students are pleased with their UW education. Compared to other schools across the country, UW students express higher-than-average satisfaction with the University’s overall college experience, variety of course offerings, facilities, and personal safety. Among the findings:
• 80% of students say they would enroll at UW again “if they had to do it over again,” a percentage significantly greater than the national average.
• Asked if they experienced intellectu
al growth at UW, 89% of students answered yes, with just 4% expressing dissatisfaction.

World-class teachers and researchers
Many of UW’s faculty members are renowned in their fields, and the University’s student-faculty ratio of 15:1 means students have greater access to those professors than at the vast majority of other major universities. In fact, many UW undergraduates are involved in research projects that might only be available to graduate students at other universities.

Facilities and student life
With hundreds of millions of dollars from the state of Wyoming and private donors, UW has built new facilities and upgraded existing structures over the last decade at a level unprecedented in the University’s history.

Among the new and improved fa
cilities are the Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center, the Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility, the Visual Arts Building, the Buchanan Center for Performing Arts, Coe Library, the High Bay Research Facility, the Energy Innovation Center, and the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center. Under construction now is a new Engineering Education and Research Building.

These improvements have creat
ed some of the best facilities for students of any university in the nation, providing a superb environment for instruction, study, research, and relaxation.