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Stockholm, SE

Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm, SE

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The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is a private business school founded in 1909 by the Swedish industry. SSE is ranked by Financial Times (2018) as the #1 business school in the Nordics and one of the leading business schools in Europe, with a unique business community network. SSE’s research is internationally recognized, and many of SSE’s researchers are among the leading figures in their respective fields. SSE’s graduates play an important role in the business community, NGOs, culture, and politics, and therefore play an important role in the sustainable development of society.

Stockholm—one of the most beautiful and sustainable cities in the world
The Stockholm School of Economics is conveniently located in the city centre of Sweden’s dynamic capital. Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden, with a population of 1.8 million, and is often said to be one of the most innovative, sustainable, modern, and open cities in the world.

Fast moving and international
Stockholm is known to pick up on international influences fast. With the city’s broad ethnic spectrum, the latest trends in fashion, culture, art, and music quickly take root. Sweden also has a long tradition of being a forward-thinking place when it comes to creating business.

The 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index ranked Sweden the second-most innovative economy in the world. Successful companies as diverse as Spotify, Ikea, H&M, Ericsson, Volvo, and Absolut Vodka all got their start here. Stockholm is an international city where English is spoken everywhere.

Bachelor’s program in Retail Management
We all know a bachelor’s degree paves the way to a wide range of gratifying career options. SSE offers an exciting three-year BSc program in Retail Management, taught fully in English.

From day one, this program specializes in retailing while also containing the same content students normally receive at all business schools, including economics, marketing, accounting, management, and strategy. Many courses are adjusted to provide both general and retail-specific content.

During the first two years, a semester at the Retail Management program typically includes four to five courses. During the third year, students take fewer courses but write two larger reports: a company project within the Applied Retail Track and their bachelor’s thesis. The activities in the Applied Retail Track and the Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program run in parallel with the classroom courses over three years.

Applied Retail Track
The Applied Retail Track is a course where theory and practice are combined and a unique interaction between students, faculty, and companies is established. Ten retail clubs (one for each partner company) comprise the track. Each retail club consists of 15–20 students from all years in the program, company representatives, and a faculty member from SSE.

The core teaching formats on the Applied Retail Track comprise half-day workshops and company visits, in which all students in a retail club participate. Additional activities such as theme lectures, career planning (year two), and a company project (year three) complement these core formats. The course gives companies and students a great opportunity to get to know one another, exchange ideas, and share experiences.

Learning and reflecting
The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Tutorial Program focuses on offering a more personalized learning experience for students. It seeks to convey general knowledge and develop intellectual capacity, complementing the academic and practical content of the Applied Retail Track. Students are invited to discuss their experiences and reflect on their own development with tutors, who are faculty members students interact with through courses and the Applied Retail Track.

An active student life
The student life at SSE is active, and the student association is a big part of that. The mission of the association is to promote friendship and make students’ time at SSE stimulating, memorable, and fun. Students can tailor their time at SSE to their own interests or discover something entirely new. They can explore SSE’s exciting student life, experience a wide range of student clubs and activities, and build lifelong friendships. SSE’s students and faculty are known for helping and motivating each other. We know you are only as good as those around you.

Career opportunities
After graduation, those who want to enter the job market will have excellent, interesting employment and assignment opportunities. The Applied Retail Track gives students an inside perspective into different career opportunities within retailing and allows them to start building anetwork in this field. Several of the companies participating in this track offer job opportunities and careers in Sweden and internationally.

Those who have graduated from the School work in a variety of industries and fields. They are brand managers, key account managers, entrepreneurs, project managers, PR consultants, marketing researchers, marketing managers, controllers, and management consultants.

Graduates making a difference
SSE is one of the favorite stops for recruiting top talent in industry, government, banking, finance, and global consultancies. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that has been ongoing for over a century. The annual SSE Employment Report proves that it pays off to study at SSE—95% of 2017 graduates from the BSc program in Retail Management were employed within three months of graduation.


“I’ve not only built great personal connections and received a top international education that will aid me in the future, but the personal development I’ve gotten through meeting and interacting with brilliant individuals is what I value the most at SSE.”

— Asmir Mahmuljin
bsc student in retail management

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