King's University College

London Ontario, CN

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King's University College

London Ontario, CN

King’s University College at Western University is a Catholic liberal arts university college located in the city of London, Ontario, Canada. 


Find Your Future at King’s
A wide range of degree programs are offered at King’s. Many offer opportunities for experiential learning or international exchange.

Arts—Bachelor of Arts (BA)
• Catholic Studies
• Catholic Studies for Teachers
• English
• French
• Philosophy
• Religion and Society
• Social and Political Thought
• World Religions and Culture

Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS)
• Accounting
• Finance and Administration
• Global Commerce
• Management
• Organizational and Human Resources

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Childhood and Social Institutions—Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Finance and Wealth Management—Bachelor of Arts (BA)
(combined degree and diploma with Fanshawe College)

Social Justice and Peace Studies—Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Social Sciences—Bachelor of Arts (BA)
• Criminology
• Disability Studies
• Economics
• Finance
• History
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Thanatology

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Founded in 1954, King’s continues to evolve into the finest Catholic university experience in Canada.

The quality of education at King’s is second to none and has received top scores from national student surveys on the quality of teaching and student-faculty interactions. There is a wide range of degree programs in the arts and social sciences as well as disciplines such as Business, Accounting, Finance, Global Commerce, Disability Studies, Childhood and Social Institutions, Social Justice and Peace Studies, Social Work, and Thanatology. King’s also offers a master’s degree in Social Work.

“[King’s] has a long history of preparing students to excel in graduate studies, to find meaningful careers, andto be agents of change in a complex world,” says Dr. Sauro Camiletti, Vice-Principal and Academic Dean.

The education offered by King’s allows students to transform liberal arts ideals into real-world skills. Skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and effective collaboration are highly valued in the workplace by employers. A King’s education is designed to help develop students’ strengths as they discover new challenges. There are opportunities to integrate classroom theory with practical application through experiential learning. Students graduate with all the necessary tools to pursue a rewarding career and a meaningful life. More than 97% of King’s students are employed in a field related to their studies within two years of graduation.

King’s offers the best of both worlds: a small-college atmosphere with access to a larger university and affiliates. Students and alumni consistently discuss how much they value the small class sizes, where they have the chance to get to know their classmates and work with their professors. With an average first-year class size of 57 students and a student-faculty ratio of 21.3:1, students are able to request more one-on-one time with professors.

Students benefit from the facilities, services, extracurriculars, and athletics at the larger campus of Western University as well as the ability to attend classes at Western and the other affiliates: Brescia University College and Huron University College. Most importantly, King’s graduates receive a Western University degree.

King’s is home to the Catholic chaplaincy team for Western, offering Catholic Mass and a wide variety of on-campus and outreach programs with an active Campus Ministry team.

“Our role includes bringing people together in prayer and is about so much more,” says Father Michael Bechard, Chaplain and King’s alumnus ’91. “It is about helping people see the importance of the Spirit in their lives and that our vision as students, staff, and faculty should always be looking outward to transformation in the community.”

King’s welcomes the world, as 18% of our approximately 3,500 undergraduate students are international, with students from over 30 countries. Whether they’re from across town or across the world, students can connect globally as they enjoy the beautiful green spaces found on campus, which backs onto the majesty of the Thames River.

Students are welcomed to the city of London, Ontario, the 11th-largest city in Canada. London is a friendly community promoting cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity while offering a vibrant club, restaurant, arts, and sports scene, much of it within minutes of King’s campus. 

“The incredible faculty at King’s inspired me to be enthusiastic about learning as I journey to become a Catholic educator.”
— Melissa Janozeski
Program: BA Honors
Catholic Studies for Teachers and French

“As a student-athlete, King’s has supported me since my first day on campus by allowing me to select courses before all other students to accommodate our practice times and busy schedules. This ensures all athletes can enroll in their classes before they start to fill up. Support from King’s makes it that much easier for student-athletes to succeed.”
— Trey Humes
Program: BMOS, specialization in Organizational and Human Resources
Minor in French