Trinity International University

Deerfield, IL

Trinity International University is a private, church-affiliated university. Its 111-acre campus is located in Deerfield, 25 miles north of downtown Chicago.

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Trinity International University

Deerfield, IL

Find a place for your creativity.


Regardless of your selected major, you will have the opportunity to pursue creative endeavors in music, theater, and the arts. Opportunities are available for all students to develop and showcase the creative talents they bring to the community at Trinity.

Concert Choir
The Concert Choir is Trinity’s auditioned choral organization. This co-ed group has a repertoire that includes chant, 16th-century polychoral masterpieces, 21st-century music, spirituals, and contemporary gospel settings. The choir travels nationally and internationally and welcomes both Music and non-Music majors to participate.

Symphonic Band
Trinity College has a 41-year history of band music. The original pep band that assembled to play at athletic events grew into a concert organization in 1970 and began touring nationally in 1976 and internationally in 1990. Musical excellence is at its core and is reflected in the repertoire of classic and contemporary wind band literature. The Symphonic Band welcomes both Music and non-Music majors, and many band members take private lessons at Trinity.

Community Philharmonic Orchestra
Do you see yourself playing Mendelssohn or Tchaikovsky alongside seasoned musicians? Join the Trinity Community Philharmonic Orchestra (TCPO) and combine your talents with those of local musicians, including music educators from throughout our metropolitan community. The orchestra performs on-campus concerts and accompanies musicals, operettas, and oratorios performed by the Music Department.

Gospel Choir
The Trinity Gospel Choir is an inspirational, student-led choir comprised of students of diverse cultures who sing with one voice. All Trinity students are welcome to join the choir.

Trinity Jazz
Walk in the footsteps of musical giants in Trinity Jazz. From classic jazz to deep hip-hop grooves to the blues, Trinity Jazz explores the music that was uniquely birthed in America due to the mixing of African rhythms with European harmony. Of special focus is the profoundly gratifying experience of pure group improvisation. Trinity Jazz is open to all musicians majoring in Music or any other discipline.

Creative Arts
Aspiring actors and singers won’t want to miss the chance to develop their talent onstage. Trinity students regularly have the opportunity to perform plays and musicals. Recent performances include Arthur Miller’s The Crucible; Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore and Pirates of Penzance; and Broadway favorites such as Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man, and You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Additional Ensembles & Private Lessons
Student musicians also participate in our various Chamber Ensembles as well as in private music instruction from top Chicago professionals like well-known classical guitarist Norman Ruiz.

Music @ TIU
Recently added major: Worship
Expect to be shaped spiritually, growing into the biblical characteristics of a church leader. In a community of learners and worshippers, you will experience and practice the relationships essential for ministry. Your own performance skills will improve as you study, create new music, and practice leading alongside other musicians.

Music majors
Music majors include Music Education and Music (with emphases in Arts Administration, Church Music/Worship, Contemporary Music, Music and Missions, Performance, Piano Pedagogy, Psychology, and Theory/Composition).

Competitive scholarships are available (up to $7,000 per year) to students in any major to perform in music ensembles (Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, and Philharmonic Orchestra). Auditions are required (an on-campus audition is preferred).

At the heart of Trinity’s mission lies its commitment to its four core values—Christ Centered, Community Focused, Church Connected, and Culturally Engaged. Trinity’s purpose is to enable its graduates to think and live like Christians in the 21st century. We believe that God calls his people into many kinds of service; Trinity’s calling is to prepare them to serve for His glory.

Be a part of the Trinity community
Being part of our community means being intentional in your friendships and being known by those around you. You will find a place to call home, where we keep Christ at the center of all we do. With a campus culture that emphasizes hands-on, educationally focused opportunities for growth, we know you will find your place in our community.

Living on campus will put you in the flow of community life at Trinity.
You’ll make friendships that will last a lifetime and create vivid memories colored with fun and laughter. Visit Trinity, tour our residence halls, and imagine yourself spending the next four years living, studying, and relaxing on our beautiful campus.

Planning on commuting? We’ve got you covered too. Approximately 20% of the undergraduate student body commutes to Trinity for class. If you are considering becoming a commuter student, you should note that the College has facilities available specifically with you in mind. Many buildings on campus have designated areas for students to study and relax both day and night in the Waybright Center, which opens weekdays at 6:00 am for the convenience of commuters.

Location, location, location
Trinity International University has one of the best college locations in the country. There is an extremely healthy balance of being just 25 miles from Chicago but also in the #2 safest college town in the country. TIU is the #1 safest campus in Chicagoland and #2 safest in the state. The country’s most well-traveled airport is approximately 20 minutes from campus, and 12 Fortune 500–ranked companies are within 10 miles of campus. When the weather is nice, students have easy access to Lake Michigan, just six miles away. If you would enjoy a peacefully wooded 111-acre campus and all the social and career opportunities a large city provides, Trinity International University’s campus in Deerfield, Illinois, might be an ideal landing spot for you.

We’ve got your back!
We provide resources for every student to succeed. Whether you need tutoring, academic mentoring, test exemptions, or accommodations for special needs, our campus resource centers can help you.

Thrive Center: The Thrive Center is committed to helping students cultivate their academic excellence, become life-long learners, and pursue their personal and professional goals. Our goal is to walk alongside students, meeting them where they are and providing services that will help them thrive in all aspects of their learning experience. To this end, we provide services in the areas of academic support, academic guidance, and career development.

Access: At Trinity, we want to provide opportunities for students who learn in different ways and prepare every student for a rich future of life, work, and faith. Our Access program provides mentors and support staff for students with autism spectrum disorder.

Emerging Leaders: Discover the practice of servant leadership in the classroom and apply what you’ve learned through campus leadership and beyond. This selective one-year program will help cultivate your unique voice and the skills needed to influence others with Christ-centered values.

Visit us
Let us treat you and your family to lunch in our top-three-ranked college cafeteria while you experience these benefits up close and personal. We offer a few options of how you can explore Trinity. Go to, call us at 800-345-8337, or email to set up a visit. Out-of-state visitors qualify for an additional $500 grant toward their TIU tuition!