Sierra Nevada University

Incline Village, NV

Sierra Nevada University

Incline Village, NV

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At Sierra Nevada University College of Entrepreneurial Leadership, located in Incline Village, Nevada, there’s nothing passive or conventional about your education. 

Our status as Nevada’s only accredited private four-year institution—and our location high in the Sierra on the shores of legendary Lake Tahoe and less than a mile to the nearest ski resort—all but guarantee that. Action is in our DNA. Everything we do is dedicated to changing lives, learning forward, and engaging students to help them become confident, collaborative critical thinkers who are uniquely prepared to thrive in the real world. 

Four core themes that define us 
• Entrepreneurial thinking
• Professional preparedness
• Liberal arts
• Sustainability

Business administration is not just spreadsheets and strategic plans. Success in our increasingly global, complex, and unpredictable world demands “soft” skills and entrepreneurial attitudes: collaboration and teamwork; clear and compelling communication; accepting risk and “failing forward”; creative imagination coupled with hard-nosed practicality. You’ll continually use and improve these skills as you work with faculty and mentors who have decades of experience in a surprising variety of endeavors. Our faculty’s backgrounds range from technology entrepreneurship to R&D-to-market innovation; from major sports organizations to Hollywood studios; from international banking to overseas development; and from ski area ownership and operations to hospitality marketing. Prepare for your future, whether that involves professional employment at a private company, nonprofit, or governmental agency; continued postgraduate education; or starting your own business.

Affordable private education
Sierra Nevada provides a comprehensive program of need- and merit- based financial aid through federal, state, and SNU resources. Sierra Nevada works for you—100% of accepted students receive some form of financial aid. Our donor network understands how important financial support is for all our students. You may even qualify for a merit scholarship worth up to $18,000 a year for all four years.

The SNU Job Guarantee
We believe in our graduates. In fact, we know that if you follow the guidance of your mentors and instructors and meet the criteria of the Job Guarantee Program, at commencement you’ll throw your cap in the air ready to start your career. If by some quirk of fate you find yourself with no prospect waiting upon graduation, don’t despair. We’ll take you back—for free—for a full semester of coursework to add to your skill set in a job-ready way.

World-class mentorship
Few things are more important in your college journey than meaningful mentor relationships; it’s the key to your future. These vital connections will help you navigate the complexities of your college experience all the way through the uncertainty and promise of your post-college career. There is a fortune beyond the beauty and challenge of the Tahoe basin: a community of entrepreneurs and leaders that choose to live on these shores. Our community is like no other on the planet, and it’s here for you. 

The SNO experience
At SNU, you’ll start with an adventure that shows how exciting learning can be. Sierra Nevada Orientation is an innovative, two-phase program. The first phase is a special four-day camping adventure for you to meet your fellow students and explore your new home, all while learning skills that will serve you well during college and after graduation. Best of all, you get to choose the adventure that best suits your interests. 

The second phase brings students back on campus. There are plenty of activities for you to meet more friends and explore the opportunities close to campus. There’s the usual introduction to the mechanics of college—academic policies, financial aid, dorm rules, and library facilities. But the main focus of the week is a group of hands-on workshops that introduce you to the University’s core themes and immersive learning style.

Internship opportunities
Sierra Nevada has agreements for internship placement with businesses, schools, resorts, and public service agencies. Learn the fundamental concepts and strategies used by successful organizations in our Bachelor in Business Administration program—then take it to the next level. The internship experience reinforces our classroom-based curriculum by allowing SNU students to put their creative and problem-solving skills to work in professional situations. 

Majors & Programs

• 2D Practices
• 3D Practices
• Biology
• Digital Arts
• Digital Arts & Business
• Earth Science
• Ecology
• English & Creative Writing
• Entrepreneurship
• Finance & Economics
• Global Business Management
• Interdisciplinary Arts
• Journalism
• Marketing
• MFA in Creative Writing
• MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
• Natural Resource Management
• Outdoor Adventure Leadership
• Psychology
• Psychology & Art or Music
• Ski Area & Resort Management
• Sustainability


• Alpine Skiing
• Cross-Country
• Freeskiing
• Golf
• Lacrosse
• Snowboarding
• Soccer

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “If you had told me that I would backpack Desolation Wilderness for orientation, befriend my freshman roommates, “publicly relate” for the Student Government Association, and go from conversation to friendship with my professors, I most likely would not have believed you. It scares me to think about who I would currently be if I hadn’t chosen SNU.”

    • Giulianna Crivello
      Entrepreneurship & Finance Alumni