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Preparing future business leaders

Preparing future business leaders
The Business program at Multnomah University is comprised of three majors and seeks to develop critical-thinking, analytical, savvy businesspeople. Whether you choose to study Accounting, Business Administration, or Business & Organizational Psychology, you’ll be challenged to become the kind of professional who is intentional, focused, and engaged in expanding the kingdom through the expression of your God-given gifts. Business is a vocation, a calling of God.

Business Administration
The Business Administration program exists to prepare highly skilled, technically competent, engaged business leaders who significantly contribute to the organizations in which they serve. As you earn your BA in Business Administration from Multnomah University, you’ll master concepts such as integrity, ethics, and stewardship with mentorship from faculty who are experts in their field. Students will develop a better global awareness as well as communication and technology skills through coursework and team projects.

With a BA in Accounting from Multnomah, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to assess financial operations, analyze records, and ensure that organizations run smoothly and efficiently. Our Accounting program shapes students into highly educated, competitive, business-savvy candidates in any industry who are eligible to sit for the CMA and CFE professional certifications. The Accounting program meets licensing requirements in most states, including Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Business & Organizational Psychology
A Bureau of Labor Statistics report stated that industrial and organizational psychologist is one of the fastest-growing occupations in America, with a projected growth rate of 53% between now and 2022. In our program, you’ll investigate how to improve work-life balance for employees and make organizations and individuals more effective. With a BA in Business & Organizational Psychology, students are prepared to assist in creating healthy and productive relationships between employees and organizations.

Choose one of our Business Administration concentrations and stand out as a business professional.

Our Marketing concentration is a hands-on course of study designed to equip students for the competitive world of marketing. Graduates will become effective marketers who can identify target audiences, employ market research, and understand branding, strategic advertising, messaging, promotions, and other marketing tools.

International Business
Through our International Business concentration, you’ll study international business, finance, and marketing management. In cooperation with internationally recognized universities, you’ll spend two semesters abroad: one semester in Europe and one in Asia, gaining practical experience in a complex global marketplace.

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  • “I want to be an excellent marketer and a missionary in that way. I can love Jesus in my daily life at work. Every moment is a chance to share our love for Jesus with other people.”

    • Daniel Larabee ’20