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Health & Medicine Profile

More than ready—Loyola ready

Loyola’s vibrant pre-health community consists of more than 600 students at different stages of their journey. The pre-health program supports students’ curricular planning, graduate school preparation, and career awareness throughout their four years at Loyola and beyond, advising and serving students interested in medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician assistant career, and many other health professions. Students gain a foundation that will help them succeed in any field while they develop practical skills, have access to competitive internships, and define their track.

Loyola's Pre-health Programs prepare students for careers in health care—while providing the support, mentorship, and access to internships and real-world experience they’ll need for professional school. That's why our graduates are accepted at rates that are much higher than the national average:
• Successful Loyola applicants to medical schools (2016-2020): 88% average (national annual average is 39%)
• Successful Loyola applicants to dental schools (2016-2020): 81% average (national annual average is 41%)

We are an active force in many of Baltimore’s most underserved neighborhoods and prestigious hospitals. Service and field experiences provide the confidence and competency needed for students to engage with people from diverse backgrounds. We know that success in health care requires complex skills, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, and commitment to life-long learning.

Pre-health graduates from Loyola are highly capable—and highly sought-after—thanks to:
• Rigorous foundational courses
• Real-world experience working with patients in urban hospitals
• Opportunities for research, clinical placements, and competitive internships
• The guidance and support of dedicated professors in and out of the classroom and through your professional school application process

What's more, students develop the traits and skills necessary for effective leadership in their field, where they can make a difference in the lives of the patients and the health care providers they lead. 



Ranked #4 in the nation among the “Best Colleges in the North” | U.S. News & World Report


Ranked in the top 7% of US schools for mid-career salary potential of graduates | PayScale.com


Recognized as a “top school for value” by Kiplinger’s, Forbes, Money magazine, The Princeton Review, and Wall Street Journal


Ranked #4 nationally among the “Best Undergraduate Teaching Programs” for focus and commitment to excellence in teaching | U.S. News & World Report, 2021


Ranked #19 in the nation among master’s institutions with study abroad programs | Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, 2019

Pre-health Tracks

• Pre-medical
• Pre-dental
• Pre-nursing
• Pre-physician Assistant
• Other Pre-health Tracks:
   - Veterinary medicine
   - Podiatry
   - Physical Therapy
   - Pharmacy
   - Public Health
   - Optometry
   - Occupational Therapy
   - Chiropractic Medicine
   - Naturopathic Medicine 

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “The possibilities for personal growth are endless at this school. Loyola constantly provides students with the tools to succeed in whatever they put their mind to.”

    • Gillian ’22
      Biology with Business minor | Pre-health on Pre-medical Track
  • “The faculty at Loyola are very supportive. They want to see their students succeed and will help work with you in any way possible to achieve your goals.”

    • Michael ’21
      Biochemistry | Pre-health on Pre-dental Track
  • “My professors here have guided me through the process of the pre-med track, helping me find volunteer, work, and internship opportunities that have given me a solid foundation for continuing my career in the health sciences.”

    • Ben ’22
  • "From the small class sizes, to the school spirit evident in the stands of sporting events, Loyola is a place that fosters personal relationships and encourages engagement within its community.”

    • Eleanor ’21
      Biology with Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor