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Winston-Salem, NC

Salem College

Winston-Salem, NC

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Be Empowered to Change the World!

With its distinctive focus on women in Health Leadership, Salem College is shaping the next generation of health leaders, and you can be one of them! At Salem, you can prepare to become a health leader in a field of your choice—from medicine and wellness to law and public policy, from business and not-for-profit to advocacy and the environment.

Through a liberal arts education and a focus on health, you will emerge as a changemaker in your profession and your community—a global citizen, ready to create a healthier world.

Why is health leadership a great choice for your future? Health is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and is ripe for radical change. By increasing women’s roles in Health Leadership, we can drive innovation and funding for critical health areas that have taken a back seat for too long.

What this means for your education

New majors: We have added four health-oriented majors including Health Sciences, Health Humanities, Health Advocacy and Humanitarian Systems, and Health Communication and Data Visualization.

• Innovative, focused curriculum: We have a core curriculum focused on health, wellness, and leadership.

• Exciting co-curricular opportunities: We are expanding new internship and service-learning opportunities as well as offering new speaker series and first-year and senior seminars dedicated to topics related to Health Leadership.

Be Part of the Movement. JOIN THE JOURNEY.



#3 Liberal Arts college in North Carolina and #24 in the country | U.S. News and World Report


#1 women’s college in North Carolina | Intelligent


#10 in Social Mobility | Washington Monthly


#13 Best Small College in the US | Best College Reviews

Points of Pride

• The nation’s only liberal arts college dedicated to elevating and expanding the role of women in Health Leadership.
• 89% acceptance into health-related graduate programs and professional schools of medicine.

Programs & Degrees

Undegraduate Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

New Health Leadership Majors

Health Sciences
Encompasses most requirements of professional degree programs in allied health: medical school, nursing, clinical lab science, dental school, occupational therapy, genetic counseling, public health, physical therapy, and veterinary school. Strengthens outcomes for students applying to health-care professional schools and public health graduate programs.

Health Humanities
An emerging field: “that explores the ethical, historical, literary, philosophical, and religious dimensions of medicine or health.” (US Dept of Ed). Strong prep for graduate school and for careers in policy, advocacy, education, health information science, translation, law, ministry, and communication. 

Health Advocacy and Humanitarians Systems
An interdisciplinary program for students who are passionate about transforming health outcomes through systemic change. Appeals to students interested in public policy, advocacy, program development/ management, medical school, or law. 

Health Communication and Data Visualization 
This program will train students in fundamentals of science, statistics, ethics, and design so they can forge and communicate solutions to complex problems. Graduates will be prepared to become changemakers in professions such as marketing, communications, data analytics, community advocacy, social media, journalism, and public policy.

Majors Offered
Art (Studio)
Art History
Business Administration
Communication and Media Studies
Environmental Studies
Exercise Science
Health Sciences
Health Humanities
Health Advocacy and Humanitarian Systems
Integrative Studies
Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership
Political Science
Psychological Science
Race and Ethnicity Studies
Religious Studies
Sociology and Criminal Studies
Teaching, Schools, and Society

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “Salem is like a big family where everyone wants you to succeed. Being in an environment where you belong, and people care for you, makes it a great experience. It’s hard to fail here because of the support.”

    • RoyseAnn Day ’22
      Biochemistry major
  • “Salem gave me so many opportunities: I did research at Wake Forest, worked for the county EPA, and as a naturalist in Alaska.”

    • Mallorie Iozzo ’19
      Master’s Candidate in Resource Management, University of Aukueryi
  • “At Salem, I can honestly say everybody will support you— and it goes way beyond campus. Salem graduates are everywhere! I have so many people in so many professions who will support me.”

    • Samantha Werts ’18
      Master’s Candidate in University of Arizona’s Public Health program
  • “As a doctor and a public health professional, I am ecstatic to see Salem fostering the leadership of women in healthcare fields. Some of my biggest life lessons came from the people I studied alongside at Salem.”

    • Ariel Logan Rost
      C’13, Doctor of Medicine