Farmingdale State College, SUNY

Farmingdale, NY

Farmingdale State College, SUNY

Farmingdale, NY

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Undergrad Diversity

Farmingdale State College is SUNY’s largest college of applied science and technology.

We are proud of our outstanding programs, selective admissions, and commitment to a diverse and engaged campus community. FSC focuses on academic programs that equip students with the skills to succeed. We offer more than 40 programs; small, intimate classes; dedicated professors; and focused internship opportunities. 

As a student at our selective college you will be building knowledge to strengthen your local community in a modern, tech-savvy, collegiate setting, and become both employed and a top earner early in your career. You will also create lasting one-on-one connections with an administration engaged in your future, learn with award-winning SUNY faculty, and get treated like family by our personable staff to guide you along your journey both inside and outside of the classroom.

Points of Pride 
• FSC students graduate with the lowest student debt in the SUNY system
• 90% of graduates are working full-time or part-time
• 81% of graduates are working in their discipline
• 39% of graduates are continuing or plan to continue their education



“Best Value College” | Forbes Magazine 2019

“Green Then. Green Now.”

When Farmingdale State College was established as an agricultural institute in 1912—originally named the New York State School of Agriculture on Long Island—the surrounding area was a vast expanse of untamed pastures and unpaved roads. Today, Farmingdale has been transformed into an important resource for alternative energy innovation and a essential contributor to the region‘s development as a center of science and environmental research.

In fact, Farmingale is the largest college of applied science and technology in the State University of New York system. With its  pioneering sustainable efforts such as the Smart Energy House and Sustainable   Garden, the campus has literally embraced its roots while emerging as a leader in the exploration of eco-friendly power sources. 

It’s just one reason that at Farmingdale they say, “Green Then. Green Now.”

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • "My degree gives me the opportunity to pursue an occupation in many different industries. You can become a marketing professional, an art director, photographer, graphic designer, ux/ui designer, etc.”

    • Kristen Steinhardt
  • "I have Farmingdale to thank for reigniting my entrepreneurial spirit," said Orville. "My professors…have been wonderful in guiding me towards the path of being my own boss and creating opportunities and jobs for others."

    • Orville Davis
  • "I attended Farmingdale because the school has a great graphic design program with a rigorous fine arts foundation. At Farmingdale I was fortunate to have professors who gave me the freedom to create work that had a focus on fashion."

    • Carly-Ann Fergus