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We mean Business at Mansfield University

At Mansfield University, you'll aspire to new heights. Our renowned faculty know you by name and commit to your personal and professional growth. Students are included in research, present their work at conferences, publish papers, and receive individualized academic advising. Located on a small campus where our students dream big, Mansfield is committed to student success.

A more affordable higher education
Many schools say they're committed to making a college education more affordable. At Mansfield University, we're actually doing something about it. We continue to offer one of the lowest tuition rates for the 2022–2023 academic year. Most of our students are eligible for scholarships, merit awards, or other institutional aid that reduces the cost even further. Here, we take pride in making our high value education more affordable for our students and their families.

Business at Mansfield
Our faculty understands managerial thinking and flexibility. Learn to adapt to new and often unforseen situations in the workplace, understand the needs of consumers, and develop a competitive edge while meeting and exceeding legal and ethical standards. Our program is accredited by and meets the rigorous educational standards of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: This program is designed to allow students maximum flexibility tailoring individual study to each student's interests, needs, and aspirations. The built-in flexibility permits time for internships, practicum work experiences, and minor studies.

Completion of the BSBA prepares students with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, which strengthens writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to hone their decision-making and problem-solving skills in a business-focused learning environment. Students can select courses from different disciplines within the Business department and other corresponding majors. Additionally, the program provides students with experience critical to success in today's fast-paced, global environment.

Accounting concentration: Gain an understanding of the underlying principles of accounting and their applications to business. Students will identify and analyze ethical considerations related to accounting decisions and the accompanying social responsibility, including environmental, global, and legal issues. Our faculty aims to teach students how to use financial analysis to solve problems and make decisions. By the end of their education, students should feel confident discussing and analyzing financial statements.

Completion of the concentration prepares students to pursue successful careers in industry, government, nonprofit organizations, and public accounting firms. Internships provide a way to gain valuable work experience and help preparestudents with the skills and experience required to sit for the CPA exams. Students planning to take the CPA exam need to be aware of the educational requirements of the state in which they intend to practice. In Pennsylvania, candidates may sit for the CPA Exam after graduation and completion of 120 hours of education, including 24 credits in accounting subjects. Candidates are required to obtain 150 credit hours of education, including 36 hours in accounting subjects, before a license is granted. 

Management concentration: A concentration in Management is designed to promote the understanding of new, creative ways of managerial thinking and practice, cultural flexibility, and adaptation to new situations. This program integrates theories and practices and provides a comprehensive body of knowledge about how students can become effective leaders in a rapidly evolving workforce.

Completion of the concentraion prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to ethically manage and lead various types of organizations with the goal of satisfying stakeholders' claims on the firm. Graduates have the opportunity to start their own business or participate in for-profit and nonprofit organizations. You'll gain a broad overview of the context of contemporary organizations with an emphasis on theories and research findings that offer insights and practical knowledge about effective management.

Marketing concentration: The Marketing concentration is designed to present challenging and thought-provoking activities that focus on identifying customer needs and providing a product or service to meet those needs. It includes making decisions about products or services to offer, where to market them, how to price them, and how to develop and implement programs to efficiently communicate and distribute products and services to potential customers.

Completion of the program prepares students with knowledge of marketing related disciplines and critical-thinking skills. In addition, the program allows students to understand marketing functions and their relationships with other business-related disciplines. Students will come away with a broad business background and marketing perspective for success in an increasingly competitive global service and technology-oriented environment.



Ranked #36 among the "Safest Colleges in Pennsylvania" | Niche, 2023


Ranked #9 among "Top Public Schools in the North" | U.S. News & World Report


There are two regional airports within an hour of campus. The Elmira/Corning regional airport is located in Elmira, New York, just 50 kilometers (28 miles) north of campus. Williamsport Regional Airport (IPT), south of Mansfield University is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and is a 65 kilometer (41 mile) drive. Our area has four seasons. The average temperature ranges from 25–30 degrees Celsius in the summer months and 0–15 degrees Celsius during the winter season.

Business-related Student Organizations

Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization (CEO): This organization gives students a way to connect with entrepreneurial business leaders and to build relevant experience

ENACTUS: This student organization promotes teamwork and communication skills through the principles of free enterprise.

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL): PBL is a business fraternity organization dedicated to teaching leadership skills and educating graduates about the career opportunities in business and in related fields.

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