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Angelo State University

San Angelo, TX

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Undergrad Science & Engineering Business

Go far. Go together. Go as a Ram.

In today’s digital society, the world is at your fingertips. Our college is your gateway to a wide variety of professional careers at every level of the global economy and international marketplace, or for commissioning as an officer in the US Air Force or Space Force.

Academic departments
Our academic departments prepare graduates who are immediately employable in all the various fields of business and the military.

Accounting, Economics, and Finance
This department is about so much more than just numbers and formulas. Here, you will gain the skills and real-world knowledge you need to succeed in your career. You will also engage with the local business community for practical experience that will give you a head start once you graduate.

Accounting degrees:
• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting
This degree will prepare you to start an accounting career in any type of business, as well as at nonprofit organizations like hospitals, charities, or universities. It can also lead to careers in auditing, consulting, or the law.

• Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc)
Learn the knowledge and skills you need to meet the challenges faced by accounting professionals in today’s modern business world. Earning your MPAc allows you to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

• 5-Year Integrated BBA in Accounting/Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc)
This integrated program allows you to earn both your BBA and MPAc in as little as five years.

Economics degree:
• BBA in Economics
This degree will prepare you for a career as an economist. Our wide-ranging program will set you up to work in business, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Finance degrees:
• BBA in Finance
This degree will prepare you for a career as a financial manager. You will be ready to work in business, banking, and investments, or at nonprofit agencies. You can even start your own business.

• 5-Year Integrated BBA in Finance/Master of Business Administration (MBA)
This integrated program allows you to earn both your BBA and MBA in as little as five years. Earning your MBA will help you move up to the executive or management level.


Aerospace Studies/ROTC
This department is home to the award-winning Air Force ROTC Detachment 847. Here, you will gain the professional leadership, management, and communication skills you need to be a successful officer in the US Air Force or Space Force. You will also gain practical experience through several unique programs and by working with airmen from the local Goodfellow Air Force Base. This spring semester, full tuition and books costs are completely paid for all active Det. 847 cadets, thanks to the generous ROTC Carr and ROTC Wright scholarship funds. Just another great reason to choose ASU and Det. 847 for your academic and cadet experience.

Second Lieutenants, first in line
When you graduate through our ROTC program, you will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force or Space Force with competitive wages and exceptional benefits, including paid health insurance. Our recent graduates serve in military flight operations (pilots), intelligence, space and missile operations, security forces, logistics, healthcare, and engineering.

Aerospace Studies/ROTC degree:
Minor in Aerospace Studies/ROTC
As an ROTC cadet, you can choose any academic major available at ASU and declare Aerospace Studies/ROTC as your minor. Since cadets can choose any major, you have the chance to meet a diverse group of students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

The Air Force and Space Force do offer extra scholarship opportunities for specific majors, including chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics.

Minor in Leadership Studies is also available.

Management and Marketing
The world of business includes a wide variety of career fields, so our department offers a broad selection of degree plans that are flexible enough to fit your specific interests. Whichever one you choose, you will gain the real-world knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your career. You will also engage with the local business community for practical experience that will give you a head start once you graduate.

Management and Marketing degrees:
• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management
This degree will prepare you for management responsibilities in organizations of any size. You can complete this degree on campus or online.

• BBA in Marketing
This degree will prepare you to become a marketing practitioner or manager.

• BBA in International Business
This degree will prepare you for the multicultural field of international business.

• BBA in Management Information Systems
This degree will prepare you to analyze, design, construct, maintain, and administrate an organization’s information resources.

• Bachelor of Commercial Aviation (BCA)
Prepare for an exciting career in the commercial aviation industry, whether it’s in the air or on the ground.

Integrated BBA/MBA programs:
These programs will allow you to earn a BBA in your chosen field and your MBA in as little as five years. They include:
BBA in Management/MBA
BBA in Marketing/MBA
BBA in International Business/MBA
BBA in Management Information Systems/MBA

Business Administration
Business Analytics
Management Information Systems


Angelo State University is located in San Angelo, a West Texas community of more than 100,000 artists, ranchers, and small business owners. The city offers the amenities of a large city with small-town charm and convenience.

Business Resources

Small Business Development Center
Our SBDC offers business advising services and a wide array of business training seminars, workshops, and other events for small businesses in West Texas, much of it for free. Its staff of certified business advisors have expertise in all aspects of business start-up, financing, planning, loans, marketing, and expansion. The SBDC offices are located in the Business Resource Center in downtown San Angelo.

Free Market Institute
Our branch of the Texas Tech University Free Market Institute at ASU contributes to the development and teaching of our economics courses. It also develops and operates economics programs for students and the San Angelo community.

Internship Opportunities
Our internship program connects our students to experiences relevant to their major within the city of San Angelo and beyond. You have the opportunity to enhance your résumé before you graduate, allowing you to gain invaluable experience in your field.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “ASU fostered my belief in the importance of hard work, a team atmosphere and close relationships. Through the care and involvement of the professors at ASU, I also received an education that laid the foundation for a successful career. Not only did they provide you knowledge, they provided room for growth as an adult.”

    • Kayla Hons
      VP of Lending, Community National Bank & Trust of Texas, Mineral Wells
  • “My favorite ASU memory has got to be joining ROTC. Though it is still a growing memory, I have made plenty of friends, memories and inside jokes. My wingmen are my best friends.”

    • Astrid Bright
      Mass Media, ROTC
  • “During my first year of college, I had professor Gayle Randall, and she made the transition from high school to college very easy. I know she will always be there for me whenever I need it.”

    • Michelle Underwood
      Class of 2023, Business Marketing
  • “My favorite class has been business computer information systems. It has helped tremendously through my internship. Computer skills such as excel are so helpful in the business world. I also loved my instructor, Jason Brown.”

    • Ashlyn Lerma
      Class of 2022, Business/Finance