Concordia College -- Moorhead

Moorhead, MN

Concordia College -- Moorhead

Moorhead, MN

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Preparing students to be ready for anything

At Concordia College, we believe the best college experience will do more than prepare students with lifelong career advantages. A Concordia education develops global competence, character, and compassion, inspiring students to serve the world’s greatest needs.

Because Concordia is dedicated to making education accessible to all students, we reduced tuition costs by more than $15,000 from 2020–2021. Nearly 100% of students receive some sort of financial support, and Concordia will continue to offer substantial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans to help keep college costs down.

A strong foundation in the liberal arts runs through the entire curriculum. All students complete two integrative learning (PEAK) experiences where the focus is on active learning that occurs outside of the traditional classroom. Some PEAK options include student leadership roles, nontraditional semester-long courses, global learning opportunities, or intensive week-long experiences.

At the heart of the Concordia experience, Cobbers are committed to BREWing (BREW = Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World) each day, from their studies to life beyond campus. Every course challenges students to discover connections between the subject matter and the impact it has on themselves and the world. With more than 50 short- and long-term study away options, Concordia makes it easy for students to explore beyond the borders of the campus and local community. Upon graduation, students have a strong sense of how they can use their talents to lead a world of change in their first jobs and throughout their lives.

Highly ranked as a place to build a résumé and launch a career, Fargo-Moorhead, Minnesota, attracts students from around the country and world. The community’s low unemployment rate means local employers like Microsoft, Intelligent InSites, RDO Equipment, John Deere, and Sanford Health are consistently hiring our recent graduates.



Ranked #4 among the “Best Colleges in Minnesota” 2021 |


Ranked among the “Top 25 Best Colleges in the Plains” 2021 | College Raptor


Ranked #3 among the “Best Nursing Schools in Minnesota” 2021 |


Named one of the “30 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the Midwest” 2020 (based on the average 20-year net return on investment as decided by PayScale) | Best Value Schools

Academics at Concordia

A strong foundation in the liberal arts runs through Concordia’s entire curriculum. Students complete two signature integrative learning experiences outside of the classroom. Our three schools—the Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the Offutt School of Business—are designed to develop critical- and creative-thinking skills, giving a broad perspective on the world and its people. With 32,000 alumni across the nation and the globe, the Cobber community extends well beyond the borders of our campus and provides access to mentors, leads on internships and careers, and expert advice.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “I chose Concordia for its small class sizes, well-rounded academic curriculum, and notoriety in the community. I am proud that all of the reasons I decided to transfer to Concordia proved to be eminent in my experiences as a Cobber and beyond.”

    • Claire Holland ’21
  • “I chose Concordia because the professors were willing to learn about differing perspectives than their own—more than many other faculty I met when visiting other colleges. That was the biggest factor for me in choosing Concordia.”

    • Avyan Mejdeen ’22
  • “I transferred to Concordia my sophomore year and it was the best decision I could have made. The smaller, more welcoming feel of the college made me realize that this was the place I wanted to be.”

    • Olivia Koziol ’23
  • “I transferred to Concordia after one year at another school because I would not only be able to play college soccer but also for the high standard of education. Time management has allowed me to find balance as a student-athlete.”

    • Nigaba “Oli” Olivier ’22