Concordia College -- Moorhead

Moorhead, MN

Concordia College -- Moorhead

Moorhead, MN

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Go beyond the classroom and become the kind of problem solver the world needs.

At Concordia, we believe the best college experience will do more than prepare students with lifelong career advantages. A Concordia education develops global competence, character, and compassion, inspiring students to serve the world’s greatest needs. 

BREW = Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World
Cobbers are committed to BREWing in some way every day. Every course challenges students to discover connections between the subject matter and the impact it has on themselves and the world. Upon graduation, students have a strong sense of how they can use their talents for leading a world of change—in their first jobs and throughout their lives.

In the classroom and beyond
A strong foundation in the liberal arts runs through the entire curriculum. All students complete two Pivotal Experiences in Applied Knowledge (PEAK)—integrative learning experiences where the focus is on active learning that occurs outside the traditional classroom. Some PEAK options include student leadership roles, nontraditional semester-long courses, global learning opportunities, and intensive weeklong experiences.

Making college dreams a reality
Concordia is committed to making education accessible to all students. Our generous financial aid awards average $29,000—bringing the cost of attendance down to an amount that is comparable to many Midwestern public universities. 

Community of opportunity
Highly ranked as a place to build a résumé and launch a career, Fargo-Moorhead attracts students from around the country and world. The community’s 2.5% unemployment rate (compared to 3.6% nationally) means local employers like Microsoft, Intelligent InSites, John Deere, and Sanford Health are consistently hiring our recent graduates. 

Education without borders 
With more than 50 short- and long-term study away options, Concordia makes it easy for students to explore beyond the borders of the campus and local community.

Do more in four 
It’s no surprise to our students that Concordia College was recently ranked by the Wall Street Journal as a top 20 college for campus engagement. Cobbers keep busy with options available for all areas of interest. 
• 33% of the student body is involved in our world-renowned music program in some way.
• 25% of students play on one or more of our 22 competitive athletic teams, and many more are part of our intramural and club teams.
• There are six mainstage and several experimental stage theater productions each year.
• Our speech and debate teams regularly advance to national competitions.
• The student-led Dance Marathon organization raises more than $20,000 annually for Sanford Children’s Hospital.
• Members of the Campus Events Commission plan weekly activities like grocery bingo, theme dances, and group fitness as well as Cornstock—the annual all-campus music festival.



A Top 20 college for campus engagement Wall Street Journal

Be ready for anything in four years, guaranteed.

13:1 student-faculty ratio

120+ areas of study
explore programs:

91% medical school acceptance rate

96% law school acceptance rate

45% of students participate in at least one study abroad experience.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “I always loved being involved in my community and experiencing the feeling that I’m giving back in some way. At Concordia, we call this BREWing: Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World.”

    • Reyna Bergstrom, Class of 2018
      Major: Communication, Minor: Religion
  • “I chose Concordia because it was a liberal arts college—my parents drilled it into my mind that that’s where a lot of creativity is sparked. They are totally right.”

    • Jackson Booth, Class of 2020
      Major: International Business, Minors: Spanish and English | Booth, who manages the BREW coffee shop in the Business school, plans to work in the coffee industry as a green coffee buyer in South America.
  • “With the close-knit community, small class sizes, and a more personalized learning experience, I knew Concordia would be the ideal place for me to grow both academically and spiritually.”

    • Jessica Skindelien, Class of 2021
      Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry | Whether as a member of a campus choir or a student/alumni networking group, Skindelien is taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible.
  • “Concordia fit with everything I wanted: a friendly community and environment, great academics mixed with small class sizes, the option to continue with athletics, affordability through financial aid, and a great location. How could I pass up the opportunity to continue to be in a sport, get a great education, and be part of such an amazing community?”

    • Gabriel Eisenbacher, Class of 2021
      Major: Social Studies Education, Minor: Coaching | A track & field athlete, Eisenbacher fuels his passion for mentoring young people by preparing for his career as a teacher and coach.