Lawrence University

Appleton, WI

Lawrence University

Appleton, WI

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At Lawrence University, we talk about light often: light, illumination, brilliance. 

The concept comes from the motto on our seal—Light! More Light!—and we take it to heart. We believe that you have something great to offer the world, and we want to help you bring it to light.

We are committed to providing challenging and enlightening educational opportunities that give you the knowledge and tools to find professional success and personal fulfillment. Your Lawrence experience will help you illuminate corners of the Earth you never knew existed, wrestle with questions you haven’t considered asking, and introduce you to perspectives that will change the way you think about your place in the world. 

Brilliance awaits
The points where lights intersect are always brighter than any individual light, and our 1,500 students come from nearly every state and 50 countries to enjoy the distinctive benefits of this engaged—and engaging—community. Lawrence’s welcoming and supportive campus is filled with smart and talented people who are pursuing an astonishing variety of academic and extracurricular interests in a collaborative- (rather than competitive) way. 

Whether you choose to study at our nationally ranked college or world-renowned conservatory, both devoted exclusively to undergraduate education, you’ll find a diverse learning community of scholars and artists. And with one of the smallest student-faculty ratios in the country (8:1) and an average class size of 15 students, you’ll have unparalleled opportunities to collaborate closely with professors. 

Lawrence is built to deliver a highly individualized, interactive, and challenging academic experience in an environment where radical detours are welcome, exploration is encouraged, and deep dives are common as students illuminate their passions.

Freshman studies to senior experience
At Lawrence, we actively foster a transformative process that emphasizes engaged learning, supported by an environment of rich educational opportunities starting the moment you step on campus. Few colleges have a first-year requirement like Freshman Studies, a two-term introduction to the liberal arts and sciences that prepares you for life at Lawrence and beyond. With professors and fellow classmates, you’ll be part of a powerful tradition as you grapple with intellectual works united by a common theme, from ancient plays and medieval paintings to current graphic novels and modern jazz albums.

At the end of your time at Lawrence is the Chandler Senior Experience, where you’ll shine a light on what you’ve learned through an original independent project like research, a field experience, an exhibition, or a performance—it’s your choice because it’s your passion. Grants are available to help students dream big.

The steps in between are unique to each Lawrentian, be it a funded summer research experience, study abroad at our London Centre (or any of dozens of other programs), an internship in Chicago, or a music tour that merges performance and community engagement. The opportunities are as expansive and brilliant as your imagination.

Life after Lawrence
Our Center for Career, Life, and Community Engagement helps launch Lawrentians confidently into their lives after graduation—99% are placed within six months of graduation. Most (about 73%) are working, many (about 23%) are in graduate or professional school, and a small group (about 4%) are engaged in year-long postgraduate study programs—like the Watson or Fulbright programs—or are traveling or volunteering. When surveyed 10+ years after graduation, Lawrentians report, at a higher level than their peers, that they love what they do and that their lives and work have meaning and make a difference. These are just a few of the reasons why Lawrence is listed annually in The Princeton Review’s Colleges That Pay You Back.

Bring your light—apply today!
We can’t wait to see what mysteries you will illuminate at Lawrence. Learn more about becoming a Lawrentian by visiting

The Lawrence community

With 1,500 students, Lawrence is small enough to feel close-knit but large enough to offer you more opportunities to shine than you could ever exhaust. Our rich campus culture—informed by academics, athletics, and the arts—inspires creativity across all endeavors.

• Join more than 150 student groups and activities, including Cultural Food Club, Model UN, Swing Dance Club, and Slam Poetry Club.

• Play in dozens of ensembles like the Symphony Orchestra, Balinese Gamelan, Jazz Ensemble, and many more through our Conservatory of Music or even in groups students form themselves.

• Compete in 22 NCAA Division III varsity sports throughout the year, including baseball, fencing, football, hockey, soccer, swimming, and tennis.

• Share your time and your talents through 10,000+ volunteer service hours with nearly 150 organizations in the Appleton community and throughout the world each year.

Lawrence’s picturesque main residential campus is nestled on the banks of the Fox River and adjacent to a vibrant downtown featuring shops, restaurants, museums, performing and public art spaces, and festivals throughout the year. 

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