We come from across the United States and around the world, bringing unique dreams and hopes, pasts and passions, to gather on a campus 25 miles west of Chicago. We’re drawn by a common faith. We’re bound together by a covenant. We’re devoted to a common cause: to discover more of what it means to truly live for Christ and His kingdom.


Wheaton College Profile

Location: 25 miles west of Chicago on a historic and beautiful 80-acre campus in Wheaton, Illinois

Enrollment: Approximately 2,400 undergraduates and 500+ graduate students representing 50 states, 90+ countries, and 55 Christian denominations; 53% female, 47% male

Student-Faculty Ratio: 11:1

Academic Majors: 37 majors in the Arts and Sciences, six majors in the Conservatory of Music

Degrees Offered: BA, BMus, BMusEd, BS, MA, MAT, PhD, PsyD

Study Abroad: Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America; service and research internships in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia

Extracurricular Offerings: Over 60 student clubs and organizations, 45 Christian ministry opportunities, and 21 NCAA Division III varsity sports

Financial Aid: More than $30 million in grants and scholarships and $10.2 million in loans awarded each year to help meet demonstrated financial need; over 50% of freshmen qualify for a merit award.

Freshman Profile: Middle 50% test score ranges for enrolled students: 27–32 ACT and 1190–1390 Old SAT (CR and Math), 1260–1440 New SAT equivalent; average high school GPA: 3.7

Distinguishing Facts About Wheaton

• Wheaton’s Conservatory of Music has moved into the new 80,000-sq. ft. Armerding Center for Music and the Arts in the center of campus, with a recital hall, choral rehearsal hall, recording studios, and much more.

• The College boasts one of the top 25 Science departments nationwide, with nearly a third of all Science graduates completing doctorates.

• 22% of Wheaton’s students are from multicultural backgrounds.

• Forbes magazine gives Wheaton College an A+ financial rating, ranking Wheaton in the top 17% of “America’s Best Colleges.”  

• In Colleges That Change Lives, Loren Pope commends Wheaton for “its concern with good moral compasses and strong value systems” and “its impressive record of producing contributors to society.”

Kiplinger’s ranked Wheaton 23rd on its list of 2017 Best Values in Liberal Arts Colleges and 38th among all colleges. Kiplinger’s rankings measure academic quality and affordability, with quality accounting for over half of the total.

• The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2018 named Wheaton College to its list of 18 private “best buy” colleges and universities, based on quality of academic offerings and affordable cost. “Wheaton is at the top of the heap in Evangelical education.”

This is who we are: a community of thinkers and movers who want to radically follow Christ. We’re part of a larger community that reaches back to 1860—men and women who helped slaves escape to freedom, preached the Gospel worldwide through word and deed, and sometimes gave their lives in the process. Every day we take up the next chapter in that story. We immerse ourselves in science and literature, music and economics, art and philosophy. We encourage each other. We play and laugh together. We let God redeem us and redefine our lives by grace.

Whether you play the cello or throw a football or just like to curl in the corner with a book, there’s space for you here. On Wheaton’s beautiful and historic campus, you’ll find yourself inspired. Within our community you’ll find yourself encouraged. Go. Engage. Discover. From the influence of friends and professors around you, you almost cannot help but become more of the person God desires you to be.

Don’t worry, we know: this becoming requires work. It doesn’t just happen. So we get serious about growing in knowledge and discernment—pushing ourselves academically for a higher end. That’s why we have a top- tier Science department and nationally regarded Conservatory of Music. It’s why over 96% of our full-time faculty have a terminal degree, and everyone teaches his or her own class. And although we appreciate U.S. News & World Report ranking us as one of the top liberal arts colleges annually, we don’t do this for the rankings.

We do it because education is about relationships—relationships between disciplines, relationships with professors and peers, relationships with the world. Our relationship with God. Rigorous academics help us discover more of ourselves and how we work, more of who God is and how He works. The liberal arts are really the liberating arts. We become freer as we learn. Fuller. Maybe that’s why more of our graduates go on to earn doctorates than almost any other school in the country—they know learning helps us become new people.

But to truly become new people, we integrate learning with the deepest thing about us: our faith. Sure, sometimes we have doubts, questions, and fears. But we tackle those together, in part through our learning. That way everything we learn is colored by the beautiful prism of faith: science is the study of God’s creation, music and art tap into ancient disciplines of expression, and English gives us words of shared experience. We become new people, not just because we’re learning, but because God is at work behind it all.

That aspect of faith—God behind
it all—draws us out of ourselves. It makes us yearn to experience more of His kingdom. Consequently, over 1,000 Wheaton students volunteer through the Office of Christian Outreach each year, and others get plugged into local ministries, worship teams, and small groups. Scores of students travel abroad annually to serve. And that doesn’t count the dynamic chapels or prayer time in class as professors get to know more than your test scores. 

It also doesn’t count the impromptu worship time with friends—maybe with a guitar or over a cup of coffee—as we shape and inspire each other. You see, when we talk about faith, we can’t help but mention each other. And when we talk about each other, one word always comes up: grace. Grace to be yourself, to explore who you are through clubs and organizations, through ministries and missions, through relationships with friends and professors. Grace to be as you are—yet become more of who God wants you to be. 

A community of grace
Grace happens when professors grab meals with students—if they’re not inviting the whole class over for dinner—when staff members mentor students every day, and when students enjoy and encourage each other over games of Frisbee or late-night study sessions.

We’ve found that when we’re challenged in the classroom, loved by others, and living in a community of grace, we can’t help but become more of who God wants us to be. 

In every facet of life, we seek to live stories that God wants us to live. We creatively express His image. Our athletes strive together every day, creating lasting bonds and finding great success along the way. Our musicians offer witness by mastering their craft and performing on campus, in Chicago, and around the world. Whether you’re interested in drama, visual art, or macroeconomics, or just need to kick the soccer ball sometimes, there is space for you to grow and live out that aspect of your story. 

Plus, Chicago is half an hour away, and there are events, ministry opportunities, internships, and just plain fun within virtually every block. 

But we don’t end there. If you would like an in-depth experience, Wheaton in Chicago offers the opportunity to live and study for a semester in the Uptown neighborhood of the city. Students also have the opportunity to study at HoneyRock, Wheaton College’s Outdoor Center for Leadership Development, and our Black Hills Science Station. Students study and serve abroad through our Global and Experiential Learning Initiative in many countries throughout the world.

This is who we are. We are a community of people who are fun-loving and faithful, living out the stories God has for us. We’ll carry the experiences here with us for life. Our alumni have gone on to study at the finest graduate schools in the nation; they’ve become senators, musicians, doctors, pastors, and scientists—they have followed wherever God has led.

We’d love to get to know you and welcome you as you are! To come for a visit or an overnight stay at one of our Wheaton Connection overnight visit events, check out wheaton.edu/visit. To apply for admissions, including the Common App (new this year!), head to wheaton.edu/apply. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram at wheatoncollegeil; Twitter @wheatoncollege.