Linfield Universtiy

McMinnville, OR

Linfield Universtiy

McMinnville, OR

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At Linfield University, all students learn to think critically, solve complex problems, and communicate empathetically with a variety of people. These skills are central to not only a liberal arts education but for those interested in pursuing health-related professions. Combine this with our strong science programs that focus on hands-on learning and personalized mentorship, and you’re well on your way to a successful career in health care.

We offer majors in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biology (including a Pre-medicine concentration option), Chemistry, Exercise Science, Psychology, and Public Health: Health Promotion; minors in Global Health, Health Administration, and Neuroscience; and pre-professional advising tracks in Dentistry, Dietetics, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Veterinary Medicine. Our science and health care programs offer a variety of paths to an unlimited number of graduate and professional schools and career paths. Linfield also maintains one of the oldest and largest undergraduate Nursing programs in the Pacific Northwest as well as a new graduate program in Nursing—a Master of Science in Nursing in Leadership in Healthcare Ecosystems.

Our classes are designed to unveil your potential and inspire curiosity, discussion, and passion for hands-on learning. Your professors will encourage you to spend time discovering your interests while gaining the knowledge and skills that will help you be successful long after graduation. And you’ll build on that experience by learning outside the classroom, completing research projects and internships, studying abroad, living on campus, and engaging in the community.

When it’s time to head off to the next step in your education or start your career, you’ll find that other Linfield graduates have already paved the way for you. Our alumni have studied at some of the top medical and professional schools across the country, including Oregon Health & Science University, Harvard Medical School, and the University of Washington.

Every student at Linfield is a collection of passions, curiosities, questions, and inspirations. The next few years of your life are yours for the making. At Linfield, we promise to help you make the most of them!



Named the “Best College in Oregon to Get a Job” for the past two years | Zippia, 2020


Ranked #7 among liberal arts colleges in the US for median graduate earnings | Washington Monthly, 2020


Ranked the #1 private college with the “Best College Athletics in Oregon” | Niche, 2021


Named the “Best Liberal Arts College in Oregon for First-Generation Students” | Washington Monthly, 2020


Ranked among the “Top Performers on Social Mobility” | U.S. News & World Report, 2021

Linfield University At A Glance

Location: McMinnville, Oregon; 45 minutes from the scenic Oregon Coast, 60 minutes from the city of Portland, and 90 minutes from the Mount Hood ski slopes and the magnificent Cascade mountain range wilderness

Enrollment: 1,500 undergraduate students from 19 states and US territories and 19 foreign countries

Student-faculty ratio: 11:1

Financial aid: 96% of all enrolled students receiving some type of financial aid

Academic scholarships: Merit-based scholarships are determined at the time of admission based on a student’s weighted GPA as calculated by the University. Weight is given to students with AP, IB, and dual-enrollment courses. Scholarships range from $16,500–$25,500 per year. Additional scholarships are available for first-generation students, talent and participation in music, and through an invitation-only scholarship program. Linfield utilizes the FAFSA to determine eligibility for and award need-based financial aid.

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