Reed College

Portland, OR

Reed College

Portland, OR

International Profile

A nexus for excellence: Reed College

For more than a century, the College has been a nexus for a diverse group of scholars who wrestle with big ideas and explore ways to apply those ideas to the world around them. Learning is cherished at Reed; it isn’t outside the norm to talk about your passions and discoveries. If you’re ready to look beyond the superficial, to seek thetruth and discover unlimited possibilities, you’re ready for Reed.

With a student-faculty ratio of 10:1 and all classes taught by professors rather than teaching assistants, undergraduate education at Reed comes first. The conference method of learning brings together small groups of students to discuss great ideas, read primary texts by leading thinkers, and form opinions and defend them with skill and nuance. Guided by a thoughtfully constructed sequence of topics and architecture of ideas, students map an academic course that culminates in the senior thesis. They work alongside their professors, with whom they share a deep enthusiasm for scholarship, inquiry, and academic excellence.

Asking questions is a social activity for Reedies. You’ll overhear heated debates about Plato in the Sports Center and get caught up in string theoryon the Quad. Whoever you are (even if you’re still deciding who that is),you’ll find that the Honor Principle supports differences and creates respect within the Reed community. Reed is a humanizing place of infinite subsets that offer you the opportunity to be yourself across all your interests. You’ll find your tribe in the classroom, exploring Reed Canyon, or hiking in the Cascade Mountains.

Four years of college can seem like a long time and paradoxically like no time at all, but your time at Reed will leave an imprint on you that will extend throughout your life; once a Reedie, always a Reedie. Exposure to the primary disciplines of human knowledge prepares graduates to go on to fascinating professions in science, art, medicine, global politics, education, and the environment. Reed ranks among the top undergraduate institutions in the nation in the percentage of graduates going on to earn PhDs in physical sciences (ranked #3) and the life sciences (ranked #2).

Distinguished alumni include Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger ’91; neuroscientist Kenneth Koe ’45, inventor of Zoloft; environmental chemist and mountaineer Arlene Blum ’66; attorney William Hohengarten ’84, whose arguments persuaded the US Supreme Court to strike down Texas laws against sodomy; beat poet Gary Snyder ’51; best-selling author Barbara Ehrenreich ’63; and geneticist Pamela Ronald ’82, who developed a strain of drought-resistant rice. (Notable dropouts include Steve Jobs.)

Student life
While there is a robust outdoor program, a recently renovated sports center, and a long tradition of club sports at Reed, there are no varsity athletic teams. Campus social life is open to all, with no exclusive clubs or organizations; there are no fraternities or sororities at Reed. Some of Reed’s organizations include the Black and African Student Union, KRRC-FM (the campus radio station), a constantly growing comic book library, Oh For Christ’s Sake (Christian organization), Chabad (Jewish cultural organization), The Creative Review, the Feminist Student Union, and the Bike Co-op.

International Student Services
At Reed, the International Student Services (ISS) office provides resources and programs to help international students acclimate to life in the US and thrive at Reed. The office also facilitates each student’s ability to share their diverse culture with the rest of the College community. Major services and programs include:

Immigration advising and support
ISS helps F-1 and J-1 visa students with immigration regulations and related procedures, provides guidance on maintaining visa status, andhelps students navigate work authorization post-graduation. ISS is the primary liaison between international students and the federal government and local agencies for immigration-related matters.

InterConnect Peer Mentor Program Reed’s InterConnect Program matches
new international students with current Reed students and a cohort of their peers to develop community, ease the transition to Reed, and provide leadership opportunities.

Discover PDX
Once a month, ISS provides international students with an opportunity to explore off campus and see a new part of Portland or experience a unique side of US culture.

Summer Experience Award
The Summer Experience Award offers funding to students on F-1 visas so they can pursue unpaid summer internships.

Host Family Program
Reed’s Host Family Program is a nonresidential program designed to introduce international students to a local family who will welcome them to the Portland community, support their experience at Reed, and enjoy the opportunity for cultural exchange.

Curious about what Reedies go on to do?
Alumni career paths:
• 28% business
• 25% education
• 19% self-employed
• 5% government
• 5% medicine
• 5% law



Ranked #1 for "Best Classroom Experience" | The Princeton Review


Fourth-highest producer of PhDs per capita among all US colleges and universities


Ranked #2 for "Professors Get High Marks"


Ranked #6 among colleges with "Great Financial Aid"


Second-highest producer of Rhode Scholars, with 32, among Liberal Arts Colleges


116 Fulbright Scholars


Reed College is 10 minutes away from downtown PORTLAND, OREGON. Crisscrossed by bike paths, public transportation, and bridges, Portland is home to an inspiring music scene, internationally recognized museums and galleries, and Powell’s, the largest independent bookstore in the world. Portland International Airport is 20 minutes from campus. 

Reed At A Glance

Type of School: Private liberal arts college

Size of campus: 116 acres

Number of Students: 1,483

Number of Faculty: 153

Colleges, Programs, and Degrees: Reed College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in 26 departmental majors, 13 interdisciplinary areas, and several dual-degree (3-2) programs in Engineering, Forestry, and Visual Arts.

Geographic Diversity: 10% of Reed’s student body is international.

International Student Services: At Reed, the International Student Services (ISS) office provides resources and programs to help international students acclimate to life in the US and thrive at Reed. The office also facilitates each student’s ability to share their diverse culture with the rest of the College community. Programs include immigration advising and support, the InterConnect Peer Mentor Program, and a Host Family Program.

International Student Budget:
• Tuition (direct cost): $58,130
• Fees (direct cost:) $310
• On-Campus Room and Board (direct cost): $14,620
• Books and Supplies (indirect cost): $1,950
• Personal Expenses (indirect cost): $900
• Transportation (indirect cost): $2,000
• Total: $77,910

Financial Aid: Reed is committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of each admitted international student. To apply for aid:
• Indicate your intent to apply for financial aid at the time you apply
• Submit your CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE by the same date as your application to Reed

Test Score Requirements: All applicants are required to submit either the SAT or ACT. Submission of the TOEFL or IELTS is recommended for students who have studied in a non-English-speaking school.

Application Deadlines and Fees:
• Early Decision 1: November 15
• Early Action: November 15
• Early Decision 2: December 20
• Regular Decision: January 15
• No application fee 

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “Reed gave me the much-needed freedom to figure out what I wanted to do in life and made me realize that I need not make decisions based on what others would think. Now I call myself a global nomad. I have a sense of how things work in the world, and Reed was part of that. It is the best thing I could have done for myself.”

    • Ahyan Panjwani ’16
      Karachi, Pakistan