Be Exceptional


Diversity Statement

At the University of Mount Union, we continuously strive to welcome, accept, and respect all people. We believe that through the union of disparate perspectives, we strengthen our community, facilitate global enlightenment, and enable collective self-discovery. As such, we embrace diversity and inclusiveness to facilitate the development of ideas, support the advancement of global perspectives, and create a greater understanding and acceptance of all people. We actively promote a diverse and inclusive environment that obliges mutual respect and positive engagement to effectively enrich learning and living for our students, faculty, staff, administration, and community.

As members of the University of Mount Union community, we pledge to:
• Acknowledge, respect, honor, and celebrate diversity
• Work together to create an environment that is diverse and inclusive 
• Take these inclusive attitudes with us as we continue our life journeys

Be Transformed at the University of Mount Union
Exceptional is the standard at Mount Union. This private university, grounded in the liberal arts tradition and emboldened by market-smart, career-savvy options, delivers a classic college experience—plus so much more.  

A Mount Union education delivers a high-quality academic curriculum featuring an array of majors. Supported by a world-class faculty, you’ll forge an intellectual foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Whatever your abilities and previous experience, a Mount Union education will enhance your leadership skills through classroom learning, hands-on experiences, and engagement on campus. Live what you learn and build valuable career skills that will prepare you for today’s realities and tomorrow’s challenges. 

Be in demand
Put learning into action. At Mount Union, you’ll have research, internship, and travel experiences that prepare you for a global economy and make employers take notice.

Faculty at Mount Union are hired for their expertise and commitment to students. They’re teachers and mentors inside and outside the classroom and are committed to supporting students of diverse backgrounds and experiences. As established professionals in their fields, they have connections that will give you a ready-made network for internships, research opportunities, help getting into top graduate programs across the county, and finding employment after Mount.

Be engaged
We believe it’s important to balance education in the classroom with experience outside of it. Here at Mount Union, we help students get involved on campus, and our Office of Diversity and Inclusion helps create a welcoming environment for all students. 

From taking a lead role in a student organization to taking part in volunteerism, students have a variety of opportunities to grow and lead. 

Mount Union offers many student organizations with a multicultural focus. The Association of International Students (AIS), Black Student Union (BSU), and Hispanic Organization Latino America (HOLA) help educate our community regarding the importance of cultural awareness.

Throughout the academic year, Mount Union also hosts a variety of diversity-focused programs, including a Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in January, Black History Month in February, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Hispanic Heritage Month in September and October, and American Indian History Month in November.

Be confident
Our more than 18,000 alumni worldwide stand as proof that a Mount Union education is a worthwhile investment. In fact, among members of the 2017 graduating class, 93%* of those self-reporting had started a professional position, had been accepted to graduate school, or were pursuing continuing education all in an average of just over two and a half months after graduation. It doesn’t get much more convincing than that. 

* 71% self-reporting

Be invested
We take pride in making a Mount Union education accessible and affordable for families. Our tuition is over 11% below the average cost of similar private institutions in Ohio. 

To continue enriching the experience of an increasingly diverse student body and strengthening student success, we offer a number of scholarships that recognize achievement both in and out of the classroom. The Manzilla Multicultural Award is available to diverse students who have a GPA of at least 2.5, with up to $4,000 being awarded annually.