Because faith and freedom matter


60 solid programs of study

• Accounting
• Biblical and Religious Studies
• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Biology and General Science Secondary Education Certification
• Biology/Health
• Chemistry
• Chemistry and General Science Secondary Education Certification
• Chemistry and Secondary Education Certification
• Christian Ministries
• Communication Studies
• Computer Information Systems
• Computer Science
• Conservation Biology
• Economics
• Electrical Engineering
• English
• English and Communication Studies Secondary Education Certification
• English and Secondary Education Certification
• Entrepreneurship
• Exercise Science
• Finance
• French
• French and K-12 Education Certification
• History
• History and Social Studies Secondary Education Certification
• International Business
• Management
• Marketing
• Mathematics
• Mathematics and Secondary Education Certification
• Mechanical Engineering
• Middle-Level Math/English Education Certification
• Middle-Level Math/History and PreK-4 Elementary Education
• Middle-Level Math/History Education Certification
• Middle-Level Science/English and PreK-4 Elementary Education
• Middle-Level Science/English Education Certification
• Middle-Level Science/History and PreK-4 Elementary Education
• Middle-Level Science/History Education Certification
• Middle-Level Science/Math and PreK-4 Elementary Education
• Middle-Level Science/Math Education Certification
• Molecular Biology
• Music
• Music Business
• Music Education
• Music Performance
• Music Religion
• Neuroscience
• Philosophy
• Physics
• Physics and General Science Secondary Education Certification
• Physics and Secondary Education Certification
• Physics/Computer
• Political Science
• PreK-4 Elementary Education
• PreK-8 Special Education
• Psychology—BA
• Psychology—BS
• Social Work
• Sociology
• Spanish
• Spanish and K-12 Education Certification


Accounting, Analytics, Astronomy, Biblical and Religious Studies, Biology, Business, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Chinese, Christian Ministries, Classical Christian Education, Classical Studies, Communication Studies, Computer Game Design and Development, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice Studies, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Design, Economics, English, Entrepreneurship, Environment and Community Studies, Exercise Science, Family Studies, Finance, French, High-Tech Entrepreneurship, History, International Business, International Studies, Internet Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Medical Physics, Mobile Development, Music, Musical Theatre, National Security Studies, Nutrition, Philosophy, Physics, Political Philosophy and Theology, Political Science, Pre-law, Psychology, Robotics, Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Spanish for the Professions, Studio Art, Theatre

Students flourish at Grove City College because faith is the foundation of everything we do. From the classroom to the practice fields, from the dining halls to the dormitories, we seek to understand how we might bring glory to God. We equip students to discover and pursue their unique callings through an academically excellent and Christ-centered learning and living experience.

A premier Christian college, Grove City College is known for being a College of Distinction. Our graduates compare to the top 13% of the nation’s leading university graduates for alumni earnings. 

Rigorous academics
We offer a holistic educational experience that challenges students to expand their intellect and deepen their faith by exploring the critical questions religion raises and the answers Christianity offers. Our core liberal arts and sciences curriculum seeks to develop the knowledge, skills, and wisdom students need to lead lives of rich purpose and rewarding service. 

Financial value
Tuition and costs run about half the national average before scholarships and financial aid. Unlike the vast majority of colleges and universities, we don’t practice tuition discounting—the tuition price is the same for every student, and no student unwittingly subsidizes another student’s tuition through artificial scholarships.

The cornerstone of our excellent education is our high-caliber community of learners who are committed to pursuing knowledge and truth for the advancement of the common good. Surrounded by peers and mentors who sharpen them, students develop into leaders of the highest proficiency guided by these core values: faithfulness, excellence, community, stewardship, and independence. 

Professional success
Students have access to exclusive internships and have amazing opportunities for service. Our nationally ranked career services office ensures that by the time our students graduate, they will be prepared to pursue a fulfilling career for a lifetime of professional success with an eternal impact.

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