Mount Saint Mary College

Newburgh, NY

Mount Saint Mary College

Newburgh, NY

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Undergrad Catholic

An exceptional college experience in the heart of the Hudson Valley

Be the spark—be a Knight
At Mount Saint Mary College, we’ll help you change the world. 

We believe serving others not only provides a sense of purpose but is also one of the best ways to learn. Everything we do at the Mount is oriented toward this goal.

But what does that mean for you?

No matter your major, your Mount experience will give you plenty of opportunities to develop the courage to lead and make a difference. You’ll use your talents to serve others and acquire new skills at the same time.

As an Accounting major, you can be trained by the IRS to prepare taxes for the elderly and underserved. As an Education student, you can gain real-world teaching experience by running literacy programs at a local community center. And as a Biology or Chemistry major, you can help preserve natural habitats in Newburgh or New Zealand.

Whether you choose to study Digital Media Production, Actuarial Science, Cybersecurity, Criminology, Sports Management, Business, Nursing, or one of our other 50+ programs, you won’t have to wait until graduation to start making your mark on the world.

The Mount isn’t just a community—we’re a family.

If you’re looking for a school where you can blend in, this isn’t it. Mount students are known, active members of the College community, where everyone has the opportunity to be a leader. Small class sizes give you the opportunity to receive individual attention—and shine.

The gorgeous view of the Hudson River isn’t the only striking thing here. You’ll also be wowed by the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself: a family atmosphere full of caring faculty and staff, close friendships, and a place where everyone holds the door open for you.

Our family is missing just one thing: you.

Passionate and curious people thrive here. Our courses offer students the opportunity to debate and discuss morality, religion, and the world around them. With a deep appreciation for our Catholic and Dominican heritage, we provide experiences for students to determine their values and live them out.

You’ll find the Mount’s spirituality throughout campus: in the spirited conversations between students, in the community as leaders and volunteers, in the stunning beauty of our College chapel, and through our approachable chaplain, who you can find in church just as often as you can at athletic games.

So what’s your meaning? You can discover it here.

By now, you’ve probably gathered that we really like service at the Mount.

Our 21 athletic teams mentor young athletes and assist at the Special Olympics. Many of our student clubs focus on volunteerism. Even student internships at places like the Mayo Clinic and the New York Police Department offer students the opportunity to contribute to society.

So get ready. We’re about to show you how to set the world on fire.

Programs and majors

• Accounting
• Biology
• Business
• Chemistry
• Counseling/Psychology or Human Services*
• Criminology
• Cybersecurity
• Digital Media Production
• Education Certification
   - Adolescence
   - Childhood
   - Early Childhood
   - Special Education
• English
• General Science
• Hispanic Studies
• History
• History/Political Science
• Human Services
• Information Technology
• Interdisciplinary Studies
• Journalism
• Mathematics
• Nursing
• Pre-health Professions**
   - Biology
   - Psychology—Physical Therapy
• Pre-law**
• Psychology
• Public Relations
• Publishing/English*
• Social Sciences
• Social Work/Human Services, Psychology, or Sociology*
• Sociology
• Technology & Digital Media
• Undeclared

Five-year programs
• BS in Accounting/MBA
• BA in Biology/MS in Education
• BS in Business Management/MBA
• BA in Chemistry/MS in Education
• BA in English/MS in Education
• BA in History/MS in Education
• BA in Mathematics/MS in Education

Available in specific majors:
• Actuarial Science
• Marketing
• Creative Writing
• Networking
• Cybersecurity
• Sports Management
• Educational Tech
• Web Tech
• Finance
• Writing

Graduate programs
• Business (MBA)
   - Health Care 
• Education (MS)
• Nursing (MSN)

  * Collaborative programs include a bachelor’s degree from the Mount and an advanced degree from a collaborating partner school; this requires attendance at both schools.
** Pre-health Professions and Pre-law are advisement tracks with a separate major.

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