Pandemic Problems: Resources to Share With Students

The pandemic hasn't been easy on counselors or students. Here's a comprehensive list of resources to combat the struggles you and your students are facing.

It’s been a hard year for everyone—but especially for school counselors who are doing the hard work of trying to keep students engaged and focused on their goals while coping with remote learning, the pressure of the changing college search, mental health setbacks, and more. Our counselor community shared with us some of the things they’ve been struggling with most in trying to do right by their students, and we’ve taken those responses and curated some blogs and resources to share with your students that will hopefully help everyone.

The college search process

The college search process has drastically altered for students, and they’re feeling the loss of all the fun aspects that they’ve been looking forward to. Here are some resources to help keep them on track toward their goals and motivated toward college.

“It has been challenging keeping up with the changes this year and communicating to students and parents to keep everyone informed.”

For me, the hardest obstacle to overcome has been finding ways to encourage and continue to engage in conversations with seniors about where they are in their application or decision process.”

“One of the biggest hurdles this year was motivating students to envision their future, to look beyond online school toward their future and complete their applications without amplified procrastination.”

The other difficulty I’ve successfully conquered is getting all of my seniors to apply to for post-secondary education programs, employment, gap year programs, or military service. It took many gentle email reminders and Zoom meetings to encourage them that they can and should apply and then they have until May to make a decision about what suits them best for next fall.”

“Without a doubt, the hardest thing I’ve had to do this year is altering so many elements of what I do, incorporating different timing, criteria, and more to allow for the stress and anxiety that teens are feeling this year and the fact that they struggled to connect with colleges and this process through Zoom.”

“The hardest thing has been trying to advise students what is in their best interest given all the new test-optional policies for this year.”

Adjusting to online learning

Many students have been learning remotely for months now, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy or has gotten easier. Here’s some advice for students to get a little more comfortable with this unconventional format.

“Assisting students with adjusting to switching from in-person classes to online classes even though they’re on campus.”

“In particular, my special education students are suffering very much during this time of remote learning. They need a teacher or aide by them, helping them with their schoolwork. It is very frustrating for me.

Your students’ mental health

Mental health for students has been at an all-time low with stress and anxiety at an all-time high. These resources offer advice for getting into a routine, coping with hard emotions, deescalating stress and anxiety, and more.

“One of the most difficult situations to overcome this year has been trying to help students with mental health needs in a virtual setting. We have been meeting with students in many ways, including phone calls, Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, parent conferences, and home visits.”

“Student depression and disengagement has been a big issue. They are on screens all day, and then to have to connect with me virtually seems like just one more chore. They are having a lot of trouble dreaming beyond their bedroom walls.”

“One of the hardest things this year is managing the anxiety of student and parents. Nobody likes uncertainty, and COVID-19 made this year the year of unknowns and speculation. A lot of counselors felt like they were also psychologists this year!”

Getting students to engage

One thing that’s loud and clear is that students are struggling to stay engaged and checking out instead of connecting with you and striving for their goals. These blogs and articles will help them with their focus in school. 

“My biggest challenge is keeping students engaged in their virtual learning platforms.”

“The hardest thing that I have had to work on this year is connecting with students. I do not have a caseload, so my interaction with students initiates in the virtual classroom. Students are not required to turn on their cameras, so I don't "see" anyone and I have no idea if they are there.”

Preparing for the first semester

While no counselor specifically requested this advice or expressed concern for what comes after the admission process, you can’t just send your students off unprepared for college life. Here’s some of our best pandemic advice for when students are on campus.

We’re in this together

We know there’s nothing that can magically solve all the problems we’ve faced, but know that everyone is truly in this together, and CollegeXpress is here to do whatever we can to make working with your students through the college search process a little easier. We hope you’ll take these words of wisdom from a fellow counselor with you into your efforts this year: 

“My parents, who sent 11 children to college, always modeled that there’s no such thing as a bad day as long as you learn from it. That said, is there such a thing as a bad year? When all is said and done, on a real plus-side, America's college-bound students who survived the trials and tribulations of being educated during the 2020 pandemic will most likely matriculate at the next level with a greater capacity for resilience than those during the past decade.”

The CollegeXpress Team wishes everyone a better year ahead! And if you have any questions or ideas to share with other counselors, be sure to connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Carlie Cadet

Carlie Cadet

High School Class of 2019

CollegeXpress has helped me learn about an abundance of scholarships available to me and my situation. I was able to do research for colleges in my best interest with your website. I've had multiple colleges email me and offer me multiple scholarships and things of that nature because of this website! Thank you so much for uploading scholarships I didn’t even know existed, even if my life took a huge turn and I wasn’t able to go to college straight out of high school. CollegeXpress helped me a lot in high school to be even more motivated to get into my dream college (which I did, by the way). I'm looking forward to using the materials CollegeXpress has kindly provided me for free to look for scholarships to help pay for college.

Sadie Hartmann

Sadie Hartmann

High School Class of 2021

I'm a senior in high school, and CollegeXpress has helped me in so many ways this year in trying to navigate the process of deciding and committing to a university. The COVID-19 Student Resource Center has helped me many times with the most up-to-date and accurate information, along with financial aid and student life [advice]. During these uncertain times, CollegeXpress has been a great recourse to relieve the stress as a senior. Along with the COVID-19 Student Resource Center, I'm constantly using the extremely helpful tools off the site to aid me during this stressful process. Tools like the lists and rankings of universities have been the most beneficial. I've also used the site to receive expert advice on topics like financial aid. Finally, CollegeXpress has helped me easily apply for several scholarships. I'm thankful to be given the chance to win a scholarship to lessen the burden of my college debt.

Cameron Lee

Cameron Lee

High School Class of 2022

I used CollegeXpress to search for colleges. It helped me narrow down the schools on the West Coast and which schools had Construction Engineering programs. I made my decision to go to OSU and I am so excited about it.

Tinuola Dada

Tinuola Dada

$2,000 Community Service Scholarship Winner, 2015

I am very excited to be this year's recipient of the Multicultural Student Community Service Scholarship. This scholarship will bring me ever closer to my academic and professional goals. CollegeXpress has been an exceptional resource to me, and I recommend it to all rising seniors as they begin to navigate the college application process.

Brooke Maggio

Brooke Maggio

High School Class of 2021

CollegeXpress has helped me tremendously in my college search in narrowing down the schools I’m interested in. Using the college search tool, I was able to narrow down my choices to schools that matched what I was looking for. I also used CollegeXpress for their scholarship search, which helped me find scholarships that I meet the requirements of.

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