College Planning Calendar: July 2021

Stay on top of the college planning process with our monthly College Planning Calendar for counselors, students, and parents. Happy July planning!

Happy summer! While students should be taking some time to relax and enjoy their break, there’s still plenty of planning to be done. Here are some general tasks and resources to help them plan for college admission season as well as specific dates to track throughout the month.

General monthly planning

Sunday, July 4

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! We hope everyone enjoys their BBQs and fireworks today! 

American flag cake with piece cut out with sparkler shoved in

Animation Domination High-Def via GIPHY 

Tuesday, July 6

Free ACT prep class

Students can prep for the ACT with Kaplan in this free webinar on Tuesday the 6th from 1:00–2:00 pm.

ACT multiple-choice scores released

Today is the projected release date for the June 12 ACT multiple-choice scores

SAT & ACT Date Wheel: Plan ahead and see a comprehensive list of relevant dates for the SAT and ACT in the upcoming months. 

Saturday, July 10

Free SAT Bootcamp

Students can prep for the SAT this month with Kaplan’s free SAT Bootcamp on Saturday the 10th from 1:00–2:30 pm.

Tuesday, July 13

Personal Statement Virtual Webinar by Moon Prep

Moon Prep is offering a free virtual webinar to students on “How to Write a Winning Personal Statement for College Admissions” on Tuesday the 13th from 8:00–9:00 pm.

Wednesday, July 14

SAT multiple-choice scores released

Today is the projected release date of multiple-choice scores for the June 5 SAT test date. 

Saturday, July 17

ACT test date

This ACT test date is not available in the state of New York

Monday, July 19

Scholarship Search Virtual Class by Moon Prep

Students can take advantage of this free online “9-Day Crash Course: The Search for Scholarships” from Moon Prep on Monday the 19th from 8:00–9:00 pm.

Tuesday, July 20

Free SAT Bootcamp

This is a second opportunity for students to take Kaplan’s free SAT Bootcamp on Tuesday the 20th from 6:30–8:00 pm

ACT Essay scores released

Today is the projected release date of the Essay scores for the June 12 ACT test date.

Moon Day

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon! 

Up in the Air: A High-Level Look at Aerospace Engineering Majors: Encourage your STEM-loving students to shoot for the stars with their career possibilities.

Cartoon gif of rocket landing on the moon with alien running by

The Old Stand Studio via GIPHY 

Wednesday, July 21

SAT Essay scores released

Today is the projected release date of the Essay scores for the June 5 SAT test date. (Please note: These will be the last Essays released for the SAT going forward.) 

Friday, July 23

Start of the Summer Olympics

Kick back and watch some incredible feats of athleticism over the next couple of weeks! 

Gif of TeamUSA Olympic athlete point saying you get a medal

Team USA via GIPHY 

Saturday, July 24

Free ACT prep class

Kaplan is offering another free ACT webinar on Saturday the 24th from 2:00–3:00 pm. 

Wednesday, July 28

SAT regular registration deadline

Today is the regular registration deadline for the August 28 SAT test date. (Please note: The SAT Essay is no longer offered and will not be administered on this test date.) 

Thursday, July 29

Extracurriculars Webinar by Moon Prep

This is Moon Prep’s third and final free webinar for the month on “How to ‘Wow’ College Admissions Staff With Your Extracurriculars.” It’ll take place from 8:00–9:00 pm on Thursday the 29th.

Friday, July 30

International Day of Friendship

Today is a day proposed by Paraguay in 1958 and celebrated by many countries to inspire peace and build bridges between people. 

List: Colleges for the Person Who Cares About the World: We need students who want to change the world getting to the right colleges. Help them find theirs with this list! 

Saturday, July 31

Colleges receive SAT scores

Today is the projected date for students’ colleges of interest to receive the complete scores for the June 5 SAT test date.

CollegeXpress July One-Question Scholarship

Today is the last day for students to enter the CollegeXpress Grill & Chill Scholarship Contest to win $2,000 for school.

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