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College Planning Calendar: November 2022

November is National Scholarship Month, and there’s a lot to plan for in the coming weeks. Get started with a new edition of our College Planning Calendar.

It’s already November, and fall seems to be flying by so fast; before you know it, it’ll be Christmas break and the start of a new year. But before all that happens, there are some things students should be doing this month to plan for college and set themselves up for the future, including applying for scholarship during National Scholarship Month. Happy planning! 

General monthly planning

  • High school freshmen: If they haven’t already, ninth graders should meet with their school counselor to start planning out courses for the coming year that will challenge them and set them up for college success later.
  • High school sophomores: 10th graders should spend some time finding additional extracurricular activities if they didn’t discover their niche during freshman year. It’s also a great time to start studying for the PSAT if they’ve already signed up for it!
  • High school juniors: November is a good time for juniors to really buckle down on the things that will help boost their future college applications: good grades and extracurricular activities.
  • High school seniors: Any seniors applying to college Early Action or Early Decision should be finalizing their applications before the deadlines sneak up. They should also make sure that scores have been sent to their colleges of interest if they’ve taken the SAT or ACT.

Month-long observances and celebrations

Tuesday, November 1

Día de los Muertos (All Saints’ Day)

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday to honor and remember loved ones who have passed.

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National Author’s Day

Break out your favorite author’s best book today! If you’re looking for your next favorite author, we have plenty of book recommendations to find them.

Wednesday, November 2

National Stress Awareness Day

Students are often good at hiding stress! Make sure they have the tools for stress management and reduction with these tips:

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Free SAT/ACT score webinar for parents and students

Prep Expert’s Dr. Shaan Patel is offering another free SAT/ACT webinar on 10 secrets to raising standardized test scores and winning big scholarships to top colleges. Parents can sign up for this webinar that starts at 6:00 pm ET on Wednesday the 2nd.

SAT live online trial class

Kaplan is offering an SAT free trial class that will take place from 7:30­–9:30 pm ET on Wednesday the 2nd.

Thursday, November 3

Regular SAT registration deadline

Today is the Regular registration deadline for the December 3 SAT test date. 

Friday, November 4

Regular ACT registration deadline

Today is the Regular registration deadline for the December 10 ACT test date. 

Saturday, November 5

SAT test date

Today is an SAT test date for students across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

ACT live online trial class

Kaplan is offering an ACT free trial class that will take place from 2:00­–4:00 pm ET on Saturday the 5th.

Sunday, November 6

Daylight Saving Time ends

Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour before you go to sleep on Saturday night! 

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SAT live online trial class

Kaplan has another SAT free trial class scheduled for 6:30­–8:30 pm ET on Sunday the 6th.

Monday, November 7

ACT live online trial class

Catch another ACT free trial class from Kaplan at 7:00­–9:00 pm ET on Monday the 7th.

Tuesday, November 8

US Election Day

Encourage students who are eligible to get out there and vote today! Remember: State elections are equally as important to participate in as presidential ones.

National STEM Day

National STEM Day celebrates all things science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Encourage your students to hone their skills in the field with our article What Makes a Great STEM Student? 5 Ways to Become One.

Wednesday, November 9

ACT scores released

Scores for the October 22 ACT test date should be released today through December 17.

Thursday, November 10

ACT live online trial class

Kaplan is offering one more ACT free trial class this month from 8:00­–10:00 pm ET on Thursday the 10th.

Friday, November 11

Veterans Day

Today is a US federal holiday honoring military veterans.

Gif of uncle same with text Thank You Veterans

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Late ACT registration deadline

Today is the Late registration deadline for the December 10 ACT test date. 

Sunday, November 13

Start of American Education Week

Honoring the American public school system and everyone—including school counselors—at the heart of it, the theme for American Education Week 2022 is “Together for safe, just, and equitable schools.”

World Kindness Day

Celebrate and inspire kindness today and every day!

Tuesday, November 15

America Recycles Day

Help our planet by learning more about recycling and how you can really make a difference.

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National Philanthropy Day

November is filled with different acts of service days! Get in the spirit by teaching students how to get involved in community service.

Wednesday, November 16

International Day of Tolerance

As designated by the UN, today is a day to “foster mutual understanding among cultures and peoples.”

Friday, November 18

SAT scores released

Scores from the November 5 SAT test date should be released by today and sent to colleges within 10 days.

Sunday, November 20

National Family Volunteer Day

Another great excuse to volunteer—and this time with family! Get out there and do some good today.

Tuesday, November 22

Late SAT registration deadline

Today is the Late registration deadline as well as the deadline for changes and cancellations for the December 3 SAT test date.

Thursday, November 24

American Thanksgiving

Eat some turkey, take a long nap, and—of course—give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 25

Native American Heritage Day

This day honors Native American heritage, history, and contributions as the first people of our nation. Read our Native American Heroes of History series to learn the stories of some amazing Indigenous individuals.

Tuesday, November 29

Giving Tuesday

Here’s another opportunity to do good and give back in November, whether it’s your time, money, or voice to help people and causes you care about.

Wednesday, November 30

CollegeXpress No-Essay Scholarship deadline

We’re giving away $1,000 in honor of National Scholarship Month with our easy No-Essay Scholarship contest. From November 1–30, students just have to register on CollegeXpress (or log back in) and answer this question: How many scholarships have you applied for this year?

Gif of kid holding up money, captions reading easy money

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Have your students joined the CollegeXpress community yet? Refer them here! They can also check out our Ultimate College Search Guide series on YouTube for quick college planning videos covering all four years of high school! 

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Heather McCarty

Heather McCarty

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Keydi Banegas

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Daniel Ogunlokun

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Jeannie Borin, MEd

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Mataya Mann

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