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College Planning Calendar: October 2022

October is upon us! That means FAFSA filing, spooky fun, and much more for high school students. Get ready for the month ahead with CollegeXpress!

It’s officially fall and students should be all settled in at school. Help them focus on the big picture with these general tasks and resources to plan for the college search and admission process, plus specific calendar dates to track throughout the month for October holidays, test prep, and more. Happy college planning!

General monthly planning

  • High school freshmen: Get involved! Now that freshmen have gotten the hang of things, they should start joining clubs and getting involved at their school and in their community.
  • High school sophomores: Sophomores should think about and/or schedule a time to take the PSAT. Although they can still take it junior year, taking it this year gives students much more time to work on any test weaknesses they may have.
  • High school juniors: If they haven’t already, now is the time for juniors to start building their college lists. This doesn’t mean conduct all research now, but thinking ahead and building a college search spreadsheet will set them up for success.
  • High school seniors: This month is when college planning gets real for seniors. They should be arranging for their letters of recommendation and filing the FAFSA on October 1 or as soon after as possible while building a strategy to consistently refine their college essays and search for more scholarships.

Month-long observances and celebrations

Saturday, October 1

The FAFSA opens

Today is the first day prospective college students can begin filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid! If you have students who will be in college next year, remind them to submit the form ASAP.  

Gif of words complete your FAFSA with check box checking off

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SAT test date

Today is an SAT test date for students across the country. 

SAT live online trial class

The ACT and SAT prep platform Kaplan is hosting three free trial courses this month to start prepping for the SAT. Students can sign up for the first session on Saturday the 1st from 2:00–4:00 pm ET.

World Vegetarian Day

Today’s the day to celebrate and educate others on the vegetarian way of life. 

International Coffee Day

It’s no secret that a lot of students (especially tired college students) love coffee. Celebrate the beverage that keeps us going by suggesting 9 of the Best Colleges for Coffee Lovers to your students.

Black woman with short holding Starbucks coffee looking in awe at things around her

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Sunday, October 2

Start of Get Organized (GO) Week

Observed since 1991, this week is the time to stop putting off those projects you’ve been meaning to do and get organized! 

Monday, October 3

SAT live online trial class

The second SAT free trial course from Kaplan will take place from 9:00­–11:00 pm ET on Monday the 3rd.

Start of Customer Service Week

This week celebrates the important role customer service workers play in our daily lives, especially during the pandemic. Drop a customer service worker some extra kindness (and maybe an extra tip) this week!

Tuesday, October 4

SAT live online trial class

Students can sign up for the last of the SAT free trial courses from Kaplan today. This one will be between 7:30­–9:30 pm ET on Tuesday the 4th.

World Animal Day

Find ways you and your students can help the environment for all the other creatures that live on the planet with us today. Learn more about the movement and some ideas to get started!

Wednesday, October 5

World Teachers’ Day

Sponsored by UNESCO and Education International, World Teachers’ Day is observed to help the world better understand the role of teachers in the development of students and our society overall. If you have students who want to go into teaching, be sure to share our lists of colleges with great Education programs.

Retro computer and words Happy World Teacher Day gif

Thursday, October 6

Free recommendation letter workshop for counselors and teachers

College Essay Guy Ethan Sawyer is offering a free webinar this month on How to Reduce Bias in Recommendation Letters for counselors, teachers, and others. You can sign up for one of two sessions on Thursday the 6th either from 1:00–2:30 pm ET or 7:00–8:30 pm ET.

Free SAT/ACT score webinar for parents and students

Prep Expert’s Dr. Shaan Patel is offering another free SAT/ACT webinar on 10 secrets to raising standardized test scores and winning big scholarships to top colleges. Parents can sign up for this webinar that starts at 6:00 pm ET on Thursday the 6th.

Friday, October 7

Regular SAT registration deadline

Today is the Regular registration deadline for the November 5 SAT test date. 

Sunday, October 9

Start of Fire Prevention Week

Fire safety is important for us all. Spread awareness and Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety from the National Fire Protection Association.

Gif of Smokey the Bear as the I in the word Think
US National Archives via GIPHY

Start of Earth Science Week

Celebrate and promote earth science education this week! The theme for 2022 is “Earth Science for a Sustainable World.”

Monday, October 10

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Today celebrates and honors Native Americans while commemorating their histories and cultures.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the North! 

World Mental Health Day

Let’s draw attention to the importance of mental health and facilitate conversations with students on how to improve theirs. With this year’s theme of “Making Mental Health & Well-Being a Global Priority” in mind, here are some Great Mental Health Habits for Students to Establish.

Cartoon brain checking off self-care tasks with pencil gif

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Tuesday, October 11

National Coming Out Day

Coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, or however you identify can be hard and scary. Let’s support students together to help them find comfort and confidence in their identities and sharing it with the world! 

Ada Lovelace Day

Named after the English mathematician and writer, Ada Lovelace Day (ALD) is an international celebration of the achievements of women in STEM!

Friday, October 14

SAT scores released

Today is the projected release date of the October 1 SAT test date scores. Scores will be sent to colleges within 10 days.

Sunday, October 16

Start of National Chemistry Week

Chemistry is an incredibly important subject students should consider pursuing in college. They can learn more about National Chemistry Week and this year’s theme of Fabulous Fibers: The Chemistry of Fabrics through the American Chemical Society.

Dog in lab coat and glasses doing chemistry

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Thursday, October 20

National Day on Writing

As designated by the National Council of Teachers of English, today celebrates the beauty of writing and all the ways we engage with it in our lives. Today is the perfect day to encourage your students to start (or finish) writing their college application essays!

Saturday, October 22

ACT test date

Today is an ACT test date for students across the country.

Monday, October 24

United Nations Day

Today celebrates the 1948 founding of the United Nations, an organization dedicated to world peace and the protection of human rights.

United Nations logo and peace sign rotating gif

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Tuesday, October 25

Late SAT registration deadline

Today is the Late registration deadline as well as the deadline for changes and cancellations for the November 5 SAT test date. 

Thursday, October 27

Free recommendation letter workshop for admission reps

This second webinar on How to Reduce Bias in Recommendation Letters is specifically for college admission representatives. They can sign up for one of two sessions on Thursday the 27th either from 1:00–2:30 pm ET or 7:00–8:30 pm ET.

Friday, October 28

National Immigrants Day

Immigrants make up a good (and important) percentage of our population, making the US the melting pot country that it is. Acknowledge the day by learning specific tips for the college search for undocumented students.

Monday, October 31


Happy Halloween from the CollegeXpress Team! Share your costumes with us on social media via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

CollegeXpress Scary Stories Scholarship deadline

In honor of spooky season, students have a chance to win $1,000 with our Scary Stories Scholarship starting October 1. All they have to do is register on CollegeXpress by Monday the 31st and answer this question: What is your favorite scary movie, book, or legend?

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Lydia Huth

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High School Class of 2021

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Lorena Bacallao

Lorena Bacallao

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