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Last Updated: May 10, 2013

Whether they're going to the state school two towns over or they've chosen a niche conservatory on the other side of the country, students are bound to encounter big changes as they make the transition from high school to college student. How can you as a parent help them navigate those twists and turns? Here are a few quick tips!

  • Give students more freedom at home to make decisions and manage their own lives before leaving for school.
  • Let them know it is okay to make mistakes.
  • Give advice when asked and help when you can.
  • Respect their decisions and support your student in making choices.
  • Lovingly but clearly push back when necessary. Let them know you love them and trust that they will be fine.
  • Let go, but still be there for your students. They need to know that they can call you and talk—when they get an A and when they get an F, when they succeed at a new venture and when they make mistakes.

If they're still having trouble with the big college transition, take some time to remind them why they chose that particular school or why they are attending college in the first place by asking the following questions.

  • Did you choose a small school to get away from the hassle of an urban environment?
  • Did you move to a big city school to experience the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city?
  • Did you choose an all women’s school for the experience of bonding with other women?
  • Are you the first person in your family to attend college?
  • Are you attending college to achieve a lifelong dream?

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