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Meta-blogging and a Shameless Plug

Editor, Carnegie Communications

Warning: I am about to shamelessly promote another blog, but I can't help it—I love its content and can't keep it to myself anymore. (And in no way is this a sponsored post. I really just dig this blog.)

Wise Like Us” is the blogging arm of private college advising firm CollegeWise, written by president and founder Kevin McMullin, who faithfully posts every day (even if just a sentence or two). He offers and points to great higher ed advice for students, parents, and even his colleagues in advising. The blog is a treasure trove of expert insights, so helpful, in fact, I'm sometimes taken aback when I realize this awesome resource is readily available and, again, totally free. Not surprisingly, I highly recommend subscribing to the RSS feed, e-mail newsletter, and/or Twitter account.

So, here’s where we come to the “meta-blogging” facet of this post: when CollegeWise posted a collection of links to existing blog posts for the parents of college-bound students, I couldn’t help but think they’d be helpful to the parents using CollegeXpress too. A link to a collection of links to actual blog posts—okay, maybe that doesn’t meet the technical requirements of the term “meta.” But it’s still solid, straightforward advice worth checking out.   

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Jessica Tomer

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