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A Place Called Progress

Ithaca College is a global destination for bold thinkers who seek to build thriving communities on a campus that’s just the right size. Our graduate and professional studies programs are structured to align with our institutional mission to educate, engage, and empower through theory, practice, and performance. Become a master in your field. Work closely with expert professors to advance your understanding, your capabilities, and your career.

Graduate academics
If you’d like to work closely with faculty who are experts in their fields and take advantage of opportunities for research or hands-on applied learning, then you are well-suited for graduate study at Ithaca College. Our talented faculty and staff collaborate to offer three combined undergraduate/graduate degrees, 11 graduate degrees—involving approximately 400 students—and two professional certification programs. True to our institutional mission of theory, practice, and performance, our graduate programs will support you in reaching new heights and learning how to advance in a field you’re passionate about. The skills you gain and the expanded professional network you develop will position you to graduate ready for the next big step in your career and excel in demanding professional settings.

Close relationships with faculty
Our graduate students bring a diverse perspective and varied backgrounds to their scholastic pursuits at Ithaca College. Our degree programs offer both research and applied learning opportunities to complement your core academic skills alongside faculty, who you'll work closely with to hone your craft.

Research, clinics, and labs
Depending on your field of study, you may have the opportunity to engage in research or work side by side in clinical or laboratory settings with faculty who are experts in your discipline. If you’re interested in research, you’re encouraged to discuss it with your program director during the application process or, once admitted, with faculty in your field. You’re welcome to explore the following examples of research in a few select graduate programs: Exercise & Sport Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology.

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25 Graduate Program Options Offered

Program Certificate Master's Doctorate
Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online
Athletic Training                
Early Childhood Education                
Elementary Education                
MBA - Leadership                
MBA - Marketing                
MBA - Operations Management                
Occupational Therapy                
Physical Therapy                
Physician Assistant                
Speech-Language Pathology                
Sport Studies                
Sports Psychology                
Teacher Certification                
Teaching Art                
Teaching English                
Teaching Foreign Language                
Teaching History                
Teaching Math                
Teaching Music                
Teaching Other Subjects                
Teaching Science                
Theater and Drama                

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Graduate Life at Ithaca

Finding the right place to live, new groups of friends, favorite places to eat, and ways to exercise will be an important part of your graduate experience at Ithaca College. There are many on-campus resources and support services you can take advantage of during your time on South Hill. The Greater Ithaca area also offers a lot to choose from, so you can create a home where you feel comfortable and able to thrive while you complete your program.

Graduate Pathways
• Education
 Exercise & Sport Sciences
• MBA in Entertainment & Media Man
• Music
• Occupational Therapy
• Physician
Assistant Studies
• Speech-Language Pathology.

Student Body

420 students

370 full-time

50 part-time




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Admissions Office
P: 607-274-3124

Admissions Officer
Nicole Eversley Bradwell
Executive Director, Admission