The Brandcenter at VCU

Richmond, VA

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Two years. Five concentrations. Real-world experience.

From the moment you set foot in the Brandcenter at Virginia Commonwealth University, you'll feel part of a group of smart, talented, and deeply committed people from diverse backgrounds, all working toward a common goal.

The challenge
You'll work with professors who are industry leaders on team-based assignments tackling real-world challenges. The work will be grueling, but the friends you'll make and your determination to succeed will keep you going. By the end, your work will be stronger than you ever thought it could be, and you'll have a new approach to solving problems. You'll know dozens of industry leaders by name, and you'll have formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

The fun
Along the way, you'll have moments to enjoy a city known for creativity at all levels. From gallery openings and jazz festivals to street artists from all over the world, Richmond is a place to charge your creative batteries. Whether you need the solitude of early-morning kayaking on world-class rapids or want to spend the evening at one of our dozen craft breweries with classmates, Richmond is a great place to be.

Part creative studio, part business school
As a student at the Brandcenter, you'll graduate with:

  • A master's degree in Business
  • A portfolio of work
  • A healthy appreciation for the power of original thinking

Our programs focus on depth and breadth. No matter your concentration, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to craft your work through hundreds of hours of practice and critique. You'll learn how consumers think and how the industry works—as well as how to collaborate with your teammates to get the best ideas.

The learning doesn't stop at creative problem-solving. Under the guidance of faculty with extensive industry experience, you will also learn how to present, persuade, and sell your work and your ideas. You'll tackle real projects and meet industry leaders. You may find yourself presenting work to executives from companies such as Apple, Droga5, Disney, Wieden + Kennedy, Google, or Nike.

The Brandcenter alumni network is second to none. Brandcenter alumni regularly mentor current students by reviewing work, sharing career advice, and hosting tours or informational interviews at their agencies and companies.

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5 Graduate Programs Offered

Program Certificate Master's Doctorate
Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online Campus Hybrid Online
Business, Branding, Art Direction                
Business, Branding, Copywriting                
Business, Branding, Creative Brand Management                
Business, Branding, Experience Design                
Business, Branding, Strategy                

Located in Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia, commonly referred to as "RVA," is a historic southern city in the midst of a creative rebirth. It is a place where Brandcenter students can hone their craft and be inspired by local art and commerce without breaking the bank.

There's an entrepreneurial spirit and creative energy about the city that is punctuated with art galleries, museums, foodie hot spots, riverfront festivals, live music, and outdoor sports and activities.

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Each concentration represents an important industry discipline, but Brandcenter students work together collaboratively to create a real-world environment. 

Art Direction

Art Direction students are visual problem solvers with a strong sense of concept and design.

Curriculum and Courses


Copywriting students bring life to big ideas through storytelling that's bold, honest, and engaging.

Curriculum and Courses

Creative Brand Management

Creative Brand Management students use a combination of creativity and business acumen to build brands.

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Experience Design

Experience Design students work on creative teams to concept, design, prototype, and build brand experiences that help people and push the envelope of what's technologically possible. 

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Strategy students are creative, budding anthropologists who love to learn about different cultures, people, and groups; they are culture mavens who follow pop culture and trends, future forecasters, problem solvers, and insightful generators of ideas that inspire and move business forward. 

Curriculum and Courses

Student Body

200 students

200 full-time

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