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Portland, Oregon, embraces innovative approaches to health and well-being, making it the ideal locale to learn, develop, and practice the whole-person health care taught at University of Western States.

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Degree programs

• Doctor of Chiropractic

• Graduate and Professional Studies
- Clinical Mental Health Counseling
- Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
- Sport and Performance Psychology
- Sports Medicine

About University of Western States
University of Western States offers a world-class, integrated health care education and provides an evidence-informed approach to health and wellness. Our graduates deliver high-quality health care based on science, professional skills and knowledge, and the preferences and experiences of the patient or client.

The University is in the forefront of an emerging, whole-person philosophy of health care by offering a variety of online and on-campus health and wellness educational programs. As a leader in health sciences education since 1904, University of Western States provides integrated, evidence-informed curricula grounded in our dedication to current research and practices. The commitment spans across all our graduate and professional programs: Chiropractic, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Sport and Performance Psychology, and Sports Medicine.

UWS has world-class faculty with extensive industry experience. Faculty continually work to benefit and advance integrated health care through their own research and continuing education pursuits. 

UWS offers quality continuing education and certification opportunities for postgraduate study. The University promotes healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes for the members of our community through service, education, and research. We serve our community with three health clinics across Portland, which are staffed by highly qualified health care professionals and senior interns.

Student life
The campus is located in a Northeast Portland neighborhood, just 15 minutes from downtown. Students online and on campus develop lifelong friendships. UWS has a far-reaching alumni network to build professional connections for future employment and networking.

Health sciences
Discover a new kind of health sciences education at University of Western States. Founded in 1904, UWS is an integrated health sciences university with an enduring commitment to educating health care professionals. The University motto, “For the good of the patient,” guides every aspect of the institution. UWS is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Are you passionate about the health sciences field and want to make a true difference in the lives of others? Learn more about our wide range of on-campus and online programs.

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
UWS is home to the second-oldest chiropractic physician program in the world. The DC program is a rigorous, 12-academic-quarter, first-professional doctoral degree offered on campus in Portland. The evidence-informed curriculum emphasizes an integrated approach to patient care, preparing students to work with a variety of professionals in the health care field. The program has a clinical component for hands-on experience in the evaluation and care of patients beginning as early as the first quarter.

Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (HNFM)
Are you interested in health care but prefer a more holistic approach? Our Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program, with Master of Science and graduate certificate options, is flexible and 100% online. Learn how to treat the root cause instead of just symptoms with our clinically oriented HNFM program. 

Sport and Performance Psychology (SPP)
The SPP online program is designed to provide students with the skills in positive and applied sport psychology needed to enhance performance and maximize human potential. Our curriculum is designed to help students become certified consultants through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology with Master of Science, doctoral degree, and graduate certificate options.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC)
The master’s and doctoral degrees in CMHC integrate sport and performance content, emphasizing a systems approach where students consider the influence of families and teams on individual mental health and performance. A unique feature of the program is the standardized patient component, which creates opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in simulated real-world scenarios with specially trained actors.

Sports Medicine
The Sports Medicine master’s program is designed for health care providers seeking specialization in the conditioning and treatment of athletes. Pursuing this degree opens up opportunities in a diverse industry and enhances a provider’s marketability to athletic populations. Students may save time and specialize in the field by completing this degree concurrently with the DC program. 

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