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Why Become a Teacher?

High School Student

We’ve all had those teachers—the ones who put us to sleep, who gave too much homework, who made us daydream of summer with wistful longing. Nobody wanted a monotonous lecture about the history of the Dewey Decimal System first thing in the morning and then to be assigned an essay on it for homework that night. And who can forget the teachers who embarrassed you in front of the class? Or the ones who made you wish the clock would tick faster and the weekend would come sooner?

But chances are you’ve also had that one teacher who made you simply fall in love with learning. Teachers who do their job with such fervor and passion, who believe wholeheartedly in the potential of their students, are the ones who make us realize that school is about the joy of knowledge, not just about homework or tests.

I’ve been lucky enough to have not one, but several teachers who instilled the joy of learning in me. Their passion and enthusiasm is what made me love coming to class and absorbing the knowledge they could give me. Their encouragement helped me believe in my abilities and intelligence and fall in love with learning about the things the world has to offer. These are the teachers who made me want to become an educator myself and pass on the love of learning they’ve given to me.

Teaching isn’t an easy job. It takes patience, authority, empathy, and understanding in order to work with students in such a way that they feel empowered to do their best. Earning the respect of students, especially high school and middle school students, takes hard work. At times it may seem like students just aren’t open to learning.

So why teach?

Remember that teacher who made a difference in your life. By becoming a teacher, you can make a difference too, even by positively changing the life of just one student. You might be the only consistent positive influence in a child’s life, and that alone is reason to be the best teacher you can be. You can pass on the love of learning to countless people and empower them in ways beyond your imagination. Slowly but surely, you will see your students making progress, reaching goals one at a time. You will see yourself in the faces of your students, their eyes alive with fascination. You will see them fall in love with learning just like you did.

I want to make a difference in people’s lives, and that’s why I want to major in education. I’ve had teachers who have changed my outlook and made me love to learn, and for that I can never repay them. By passing on the knowledge and passion that was instilled in me, I hope to change the world, one student at a time.

So why teach? Teach for the child you used to be, for the children in front of you now, and for the ones you’ve yet to meet. Make a difference in the lives of your students, just as past teachers have done for you.

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About Kristen Loughlin

Kristen Loughlin, a student writer, is currently a high school junior on the search for her perfect college and major. Her passions including writing, making music, and helping others.

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