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3 Simple Steps to a Smooth Transfer Process

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Transferring colleges, while it may be for the better in the long run, can be quite the stressful endeavor. Whether you’re transferring after your first semester at your school or after two full years at your original college, it is likely to be somewhat nerve-wracking no matter what. However, there are a number of ways that you can combat the most intimidating aspects of being a transfer student.

First, give yourself a clean slate. One of the major benefits of transferring is that it’s like first semester of freshman year all over again. You get to start over, make new first impressions, and be who you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you were the head cheerleader at your old school and want to start doing college theater or vice versa. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and continue to grow. After all, that’s what college is all about.

Next, keep an open mind. There may be a number of reasons for your decision to transfer, whether it was the need for a different academic atmosphere, the desire to be in a different city, or just vibe of the school and/or its students. When transferring, remain accepting of your new school and the people you will encounter there. In order to graduate in four years, it is just not feasible to keep transferring, so you’ll need to stay open-minded and make the best of your new campus.

Lastly, get involved! The easiest way to meet people on your new campus is to get out there and do stuff! Join an on-campus club, student organization, or intramural sport and meet like-minded people! The transition in adjusting to a new school isn’t nearly as tough when you take a positive and proactive approach to being a transfer student!

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