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Where Anthropology PhDs Received Their Undergraduate Degrees

It takes many years and a lot of hard work to earn a doctorate in anthropology. But it all started with an undergraduate degree. Many current PhDs got their start at the...

Where Female Anthropology PhDs Received Their Undergraduate Degrees

Young women considering pursuing a PhD in anthropology can follow in the footsteps of many of their peers at these 10 schools.

Colleges with Interesting Programs in Archaeology

Students dying to dig up the past can be an Indiana-Jones-in-training at these colleges and universities. Hat and whip are not included.

Colleges with Comprehensive Architecture Programs

Create luxurious homes, funky art deco offices, or the world's next tallest building...if you think you can beat the behemoths in Dubai!

Colleges to Consider for Landscape Architecture

Architecture is an art in its own right, and landscape architecture is definitely on the more creative side of the field. These colleges have strong architecture programs, and...

Colleges with Fine Programs in Visual/Studio Arts

These schools have great visual and studio art programs, whether they cater to the beatnik, the purist, the tortured artist, or someone in between. We've got everything from...

Great Places to Study Fine Arts

These colleges are members of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, a consortium of leading art schools, so you know they're a great place to pursue a...

The Experts' Choice: Colleges for the Aspiring Artist

Institutes of art tend to be very specialized, not to mention endlessly edgy, and that's just not the scene for everyone. We asked college counselors to pick out schools for...

Colleges with Notable Glassblowing Programs

Yes, people still study glassblowing! And if you ever run into one of these craftspeople, they probably studied at one of the colleges found on this list.

Colleges with Superior Art Therapy Programs

Art therapy has developed a huge following in recent years, but accredited programs in this specialty can still be hard to find...unless you use this list.

Colleges with Excellent Asian Studies Programs

The world's experts on Asian peoples, culture, history, politics, you name it, can be found teaching and studying at these schools.

Great Colleges to Study Astronomy

These colleges and universities are members of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy. They operate observatories, which means their students get a front-row...

Seeing Stars: Best Places to Learn About Astronomy

Do you remember staring wide-eyed up at the sky as a kid? The professors and students at these colleges and universities get to do that as a career.

Space Grant Colleges

Even after all these years spent studying it, space is still the final frontier. These colleges prepare students for the future of aeronautics, space, and related fields.

Colleges with Automotive Programs

These colleges are perfect for any gearhead. They offer courses in such areas as auto engineering, auto technology, vehicle design, automotive marketing, and auto mechanics.

Colleges With Excellent Programs for Aviation and Flying

We could talk about "taking to the skies" or "the sky's the limit" with these schools, but let's just avoid the clich├ęs and say these colleges turn out great pilots and...