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Making a Difference Colleges

At these schools, going to Belize to build homes is a normal Saturday afternoon. These are colleges included in Making A Difference Colleges by...

Most Conservative Colleges

Pierced lips and pink hair aren't going to work at these schools. These colleges were named the most conservative by the Young America's Foundation in recent years.

President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll - Presidential Awardees

Six colleges and universities received top honors among the 635 institutions of higher learning named on January 19th to the 2008 President's Higher...

The Experts' Choice: Colleges Where Morals and Values Are Emphasized

Are you looking for a place with strong moral values, but not necessarily a Christian school? Our experts have you covered.

The Experts' Choice: Colleges for the Free Spirit

You wear a tutu to school and don't notice (or care) about the funny looks you garner--you're probably a free spirit. Our experts chose schools for students...

The Experts' Choice: Colleges for the Socially Conservative

Were you a member of the Young Republicans at the age of two? Check out the schools our experts identified for the socially conservative student who wants a...

The Experts' Choice: Tolerant Colleges

More likely than not, you'll find the students marching with the administration rather than against it at these schools.

The Nondiscriminatory Colleges

These colleges have nondiscrimination policies that include gender identity/expression. The year the policy change went into effect, if known, is noted.

The Top 20 Private Colleges for Community Service

If you love helping out your community, check out these schools where it pays! The numbers are the percentage of federal work-study funds used for community...

The Top 20 Public Colleges for Community Service

At these colleges, work-study benefits the whole community, not just your wallet. The numbers are the percentage of federal work-study funds used for...

Top 10 Activist Schools

If the thought of someone cutting down a tree makes you want to go door-to-door with a petition, check out these schools that are ready to mobilize at the...

Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith

This list is based on the book All-American Colleges: Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith, and is for those...