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California Baptist University
Riverside, CA
California Baptist University, founded in 1950, is a private, church-affiliated, liberal arts university. Its 160-acre campus is located in Riverside, 60 miles east of Los Angeles.
All 4–Year Colleges and Universities in California
In the great state of California, you'll find Disneyland, a whole bunch of In-N-Out Burgers, and 119 colleges and universities. And we collected all those schools here. This is simply a list of all four-year colleges and universities in California. Each listing also links off to a detailed school profile.

If you want to search for schools outside of Cali, you can use our regular college search tool here.
Colleges with Comprehensive Architecture Programs
Create luxurious homes, funky art deco offices, or the world's next tallest building...if you think you can beat the behemoths in Dubai!
Four–Year Colleges in California
source: Wintergreen Orchard House
Weirdest College Traditions
source: Leads provided by Susan Solomon, Kehillah Jewish High School, Palo Alto, California.
Time-honored traditions? Not likely. They're weird. But as a team full of weirdos, we say "weird" with the utmost affection.
What Is Test–Blind College Admission?
by Laurie Kopp Weingarten
What is a "test-blind" school, and what does it mean for college admission? Watch this video to learn more!
The 50 Smallest Colleges in the United States
source: Wintergreen Orchard House.
Good things, small packages, you know the deal. These stats are the most current available for these four-year colleges and universities, typically taken between the 2017 and 2018 academic years. The number given is the total campus enrollment.
Where Most Students Live Off Campus
source: Wintergreen Orchard House.
Need a place to call your own? So do the students at these universities. The percentage of students who live off campus is listed after the name of the college.
Colleges Where a High Percentage of Students Live Off Campus
source: Wintergreen Orchard House.
Dorm life and cafeteria food not your thing? Maybe you'd rather live at home or in an apartment. If that's the case, you'll fit in well at one of these schools! Excludes schools where 100% of students live off campus.
Special College Applications
by Jim Martinho
Whether you're compiling a visual arts portfolio or performing a monologue from Shakespeare, applying to undergraduate arts programs means showing you're more than the sum of your talent, transcript, and test scores. This is your time to tell a story.
Where All Students Live Off Campus
source: Wintergreen Orchard House.
Not a fan of living the residence hall life? These schools are right up your alley because they won't let you live there!
Benefits of Transferring
by Michael Perron
You fall back into a butterfly chair, exhausted from the anatomy exam you spent weeks prepping for. Kanye West emanates from the computer speakers, the mini-fridge buzzes, John Belushi in his College sweatshirt stares back at you from the poster hanging above your extra-long twin bed. You stare into your lava lamp, entranced by its mysticism and wonder, and you ask, Is this school the right place for me?