AmeriSpan Study Abroad Teenager Study Abroad and Summer Camps



AmeriSpan's immersion programs expose teenagers to foreign languages both in the classroom and the community. In addition to daily classroom study, students participate in organized sports and excursions or explore their surroundings independently. Three program options offer varying levels of schoolwork and supervision. Residential summer camps include dormitory living, structured activities and strict curfews. Students in the supervised programs live with host families with some supervision. Unsupervised programs allow mature 16- to 18-year-olds to participate in AmeriSpan's adult program with no curfews or organized activities.

General Info

Name AmeriSpan Study Abroad Teenager Study Abroad and Summer Camps
Location Philadelphia, PA
Year-round Contacts 800-511-0179
Program Focuses & Features Badminton, Basketball, Cooking, Fine Arts, French, German, Italian, Soccer, Spanish, Theater, Volleyball
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 14-18
Application Deadline Rolling
Director John Slocum, President
Residential Fee $1395-3800 (+airfare), 1-4 weeks.
Year Established 1993
Dates & Sessions June-July; 31 sessions, 1-4 weeks long


John Slocum, President