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ASCSA Summer Seminars


The ASCSA Summer Seminar is an 18-day sessions designed for those who wish to study specific topics in Greece and visit major monuments with exceptional scholars as study leaders, and to improve their understanding of the country’s landscape, history, literature, and culture. Internationally known scholars of Greek history, art, and archaeology will participate as guest lecturers in both seminars. Students are expected to give on-site reports which they will prepare in the ASCSA’s libraries. Committed to presenting a comprehensive view of Greece's rich history, these seminars involve long days and extensive walking in the hot Mediterranean climate, and participants should be prepared for a rigorous program of study.

General Info

Name ASCSA Summer Seminars
Location Athens, Greece
Year-round Contacts 609-924-0578
Program Focuses & Features Adventure Travel, Exploration, Hiking, History, Mountain Trips, Outdoor Education
Application Deadline January
Director Alicia Dissinger, Programs Administrator
Residential Fee 2750 (+ some meals).
Dates & Sessions 2 sessions


Alicia Dissinger, Programs Administrator