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Aspen Music Festival and School


Aspen Music School, designed for students of college age or older, enrolls a limited number of exceptionally talented younger students who possess outstanding maturity, strong musical talent and serious professional intent. The students, in conjunction with members of the artist/faculty and guests, present the Aspen Music Festival concurrent with the school term. Younger students generally participate in orchestras and chamber ensembles.

General Info

Name Aspen Music Festival and School
Location Aspen, CO
Year-round Contacts 970-925-3254
Program Focuses & Features Music
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 15 and up; Day — Coed 8-+
Application Deadline January
Director Alan Fletcher, President
Residential Fee $4400-7100 (+$600), 4-8 weeks.
Year Established 1949
Dates & Sessions June-Aug; 3 sessions, 4-8 weeks long


Alan Fletcher, President