C-Tech2—Computers and Technology at Virginia Tech | Summer Programs

C-Tech2—Computers and Technology at Virginia Tech


The program aims to develop and sustain the interests of young women in engineering and the sciences. Hands-on activities demonstrate the real-world applications of engineering, math and science. Seminars provided by Virginia Tech offices cover college admissions, scholarships, financial aid and career services, and presentations by each department of the College of Engineering explore academic and career possibilities within different engineering fields.

General Info

Name C-Tech2—Computers and Technology at Virginia Tech
Location Blacksburg, VA
Year-round Contacts 540-231-3973
Program Focuses & Features Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Swimming
Grade Range (rising grades) 11-12
Age Range Residential — Girls Ages 16-18
Application Deadline April
Director Susan Arnold Christian, Director
Residential Fee $1500, 2 weeks.
Sponsor Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Dates & Sessions June-July; 1 session, 2 weeks long


Susan Arnold Christian, Director