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Fort Smith Mountain Men Boys Summer Camps


Fort Smith provides adventure travel camping and science/engineering career awareness programs for boys with a strong interest in the outdoors. Destinations and program content vary from year to year. All activities—including cooking and sleeping—are conducted outside. Although none of the pursuits are overly strenuous, much of the boys' time is spent walking and hiking at elevations between 5000 and 12,000 feet. Science career exploration features visits to several US national research laboratories, as well as to certain universities that are conducting research in the areas of energy, water and the environment. Campers also study the history of the American westward expansion.

General Info

Name Fort Smith Mountain Men Boys Summer Camps
Location Georgetown, TX
Year-round Contacts 800-296-1906
Program Focuses & Features Adventure Travel, Aquatics, Astronomy, Basketball, Canoeing, Caving, Community Service, Conservation, Cooking, Crafts, Creative Writing, Cruises, Deep-sea Fishing, Ecology, Environmental Science, Exploration, Filmmaking, Fishing, Football, Geology, Hiking, History, Leadership, Leadership, Mountain Biking, Mountain Trips, Outdoor Education, Peace/Cross-cultural Studies, Photography, Ranch, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Social Services, Softball, Swimming, White-water Rafting, Wilderness Camping, Wilderness Canoeing
Grade Range (rising grades) 6-12
Age Range Residential — Boys Ages 11-17
Application Deadline April
Director Ronald J. Smith, President
Residential Fee $3646 (+$250), 3 weeks.
Year Established 2001
Religious Affiliation Nondenominational Christian
Dates & Sessions June-July; 2 sessions, 3 weeks long


Ronald J. Smith, President