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Hyphenology Educational Summer Programs


Academically motivated students spend two weeks on the Greek island of Lesvos taking subjects outside the traditional high school curriculum. As a complement to class work, boys and girls perform community service in the area. Study of the Greek language is not a primary aim of the program (although Greek is available as a subject).

General Info

Name Hyphenology Educational Summer Programs
Location Mytilene, Greece
Year-round Contacts 202-470-0922
Program Focuses & Features Adventure Travel, Astronomy, College Preparation, Community Service, Exploration, Fishing, Greek, Hiking, Marine Biology/Studies, Painting, Religious Studies, Sea Cruises, Study Skills, Swimming, Volleyball, Watersports
Grade Range (rising grades) 9-PG
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 14-18
Application Deadline May
Director Cindy Camatsos, Director
Residential Fee €1900 (+airfare), 2 weeks.
Year Established 2004
Dates & Sessions 1 session, 2 weeks long


Cindy Camatsos, Director