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J. Craig Venter Institute Internship Program


A genomics research institute with facilities in both Rockville, MD, and San Diego, CA, JCV assigns interns to a mentor who serves on the institute's faculty or senior staff. The research program/work experience takes into account the participant's education level and capabilities. Interns present a compulsory summary of their research/work experience to the institute's staff at the conclusion of the internship. In addition to genomics research, internships are available in informatics, human resources, policy, safety, education, legal and other administrative departments.

General Info

Name J. Craig Venter Institute Internship Program
Location Rockville, MD
Year-round Contacts 301-795-7394
Program Focuses & Features Science
Grade Range (rising grades) 12-Col
Age Range Residential and Day — Coed Ages 16-18
Application Deadline February
Dates & Sessions June-Aug;