Kimball Union Academy Girls' Leadership Camp | Summer Programs

Kimball Union Academy Girls' Leadership Camp


This program enables girls to develop their leadership skills in a variety of settings. Students examine pertinent topics through a series of hands-on workshops that teach girls how to maintain a positive self-image, resolve conflict, become positive digital citizens, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, lead others and themselves, define personal values, identify negative and positive peer pressure, and set and reach achievable goals. Morning wellness activities, team competitions, sports, an overnight camping trip and community service opportunities complete the program.

General Info

Name Kimball Union Academy Girls' Leadership Camp
Location Meriden, NH
Year-round Contacts 603-469-2115
Program Focuses & Features Canoeing, Community Service, Dance, Hiking, Leadership, Leadership, Music, Softball, Swimming, Theater, Ultimate Frisbee, Yoga
Grade Range (rising grades) 6-9
Age Range Residential — Girls Ages 11-14
Application Deadline May
Director Brooklyn Raney, Director
Residential Fee $1275, 1 week.
Dates & Sessions 1 session, 1 week long


Brooklyn Raney, Director