Michigan State University Physics of Atomic Nuclei Program



Sponsored by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, PAN allows high school students to learn about research in a leading rare-isotope laboratory. NSCL scientists discuss their research in cosmic rays, nuclear astrophysics, detector technology and other fields. Young scientists form research teams to design and execute an experiment into the nature of cosmic rays. Evening activities include campus tours, movies and sports.

General Info

Name Michigan State University Physics of Atomic Nuclei Program
Location East Lansing, MI
Year-round Contacts 517-333-6363
Program Focuses & Features Astronomy, Science, Swimming
Grade Range (rising grades) 10-PG
Age Range Residential and Day — Coed Ages 15-18
Application Deadline April
Director Konrad Gelbke, Director
Residential Fee Free. 1 week.
Day Fee 1 week.
Dates & Sessions 1 session, 1 week long


Konrad Gelbke, Director