Peak Performance and Developmental Tennis Camp



Conducted on the campus of the College of William and Mary, PP&D accommodates beginning and intermediate players. Instruction concentrates on strategy, court zones, target areas, self-correction and mental training. The College Prep Camp, limited to eight players, serves nationally ranked high school juniors and seniors who are planning to play college tennis. Videotape analysis and film study enrich the program.

General Info

Name Peak Performance and Developmental Tennis Camp
Location Williamsburg, VA
Year-round Contacts 757-221-7375
Program Focuses & Features Tennis
Age Range Residential and Day — Coed Ages 9-18
Application Deadline Rolling
Director Peter Daub, Director
Residential Fee $717, 1 week.
Day Fee $278-552, 1 week.
Year Established 1977
Dates & Sessions June-July; 2 sessions, 1 week long


Peter Daub, Director