Roxbury Latin School Advanced Biotechnology Institute



ABI conducts an advanced lab-based curriculum in DNA and protein science for top-tier high school science students. During the session, boys and girls apply the scientific method while exploring such topics as genetic engineering, DNA fingerprinting, immunology, genetically modified foods and gene silencing. Enhancing the rigorous program are visits to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and a lab-based excursion to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod.

General Info

Name Roxbury Latin School Advanced Biotechnology Institute
Location West Roxbury, MA
Year-round Contacts 617-325-0547
Program Focuses & Features Science, Swimming, Volleyball
Grade Range (rising grades) 9-12
Age Range Residential and Day — Coed Ages 14-18
Application Deadline April
Director Lawrence J. Murphy, Director
Residential Fee $3400, 3 weeks.
Year Established 2002
Dates & Sessions June-July; 1 session, 3 weeks long


Lawrence J. Murphy, Director