Stanford University Mathematics Camp



SUMaC enrolls motivated and mathematically motivated high school upperclassmen who are interested in exploring advanced math topics over the summer. The program includes the following: an intensive course in higher math, a guided research project allowing pupils to pursue a focused and course-related area of interest, a series of guest lectures, group problem solving and one-on-one tutoring, and social events and outings. Boys and girls have access to Stanford's athletic and library facilities.

General Info

Name Stanford University Mathematics Camp
Location Stanford, CA
Year-round Contacts 650-721-2947
Program Focuses & Features Math
Grade Range (rising grades) 11-12
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 15-17
Director Rick Sommer, Director
Residential Fee $6150, 4 weeks.
Year Established 1995
Dates & Sessions July-Aug; 1 session, 4 weeks long


Rick Sommer, Director