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Tall Ship Adventures Summer Program


Participants in this nonprofit program learn sailing procedures and operations aboard two brigantines (tall ships) and two sloops on the Great Lakes. Each crew learns about knots, safety procedures and rigging; shares in watch duties; and partakes of activities, contests, evening entertainment and shore leaves. No prior sailing experience is necessary, but applicants should be physically fit and competent swimmers.

General Info

Name Tall Ship Adventures Summer Program
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year-round Contacts 416-596-7117
Program Focuses & Features Sailing, Seamanship
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 13-18
Residential Fee Can$990-1300, 1-2 weeks.
Year Established 1962
Sponsor Toronto Brigantine
Dates & Sessions July-Aug; 7 sessions, 1-2 weeks long