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The Rock Farm


Campers gain experience playing guitar, drums or electric bass at this rock music camp. The program features band rehearsals each morning, lessons on the player's primary instrument and another rock instrument of his or her choice, daily time periods for practice and jamming, master classes conducted by teachers and visiting artists, and frequent shows (including a session-ending group performance). Various elective activities are available through the affiliated Camp Ballibay.

General Info

Name The Rock Farm
Location Camptown, PA
Year-round Contacts 877-746-2667
Program Focuses & Features Ceramics, Dance, Drawing, Music, Painting, Photography, Riding, Swimming, Theater
Age Range Residential — Coed Ages 8-16
Application Deadline Rolling
Director John J. A. Jannone, Executive Director
Residential Fee $2490-2690, 2 weeks.
Year Established 1988
Sponsor Ballibay Camps
Dates & Sessions June-Aug; 4 sessions, 2 weeks long


John J. A. Jannone, Executive Director